1. melty toys

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    Right so first off this is deffo my own fault for being an idiot,
    but i put all my toys in my toy box without seperate bags for each, when i took one out it had melty bits down the side where it had slightly melted. still fine to use just annoying. Anyway so i removed it from the box thinking it was just that one being annoying. but then the next day went to go take out another dildo to find a cock ring stuck to it, peeled it off but theyd both left a melted patch on each other and it was slightly moist. Ive taken everything out of my box and they are now in a neat line on my floor not touching each other.
    Has anyone else had this?
    Is it just sweaty silicone?
    or do i have some battery leakage going on?
    cheers :) x


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    ive had toys reacting to each other thats why is always best to try an keep then separated. as for the moisture im not to sure as i always tend to take batteries out after use just a little habbit ive gone into

    sorry i wasnt more help

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    100% silicone won't generally melt with other 100% silicone, unless, it isn't actually silicone - which can happen.

    Latex and jelly toys can melt together at times too.

    The sweaty toys could have phthalates seeping out of them or slip agents.

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    this is reoccuring topic on the forum. Yes, this does happen. Some materials are prone to it - jelly toys and latex and sometimes silicone. Its the material reaction to each other. Of course some matterials will not react - like glass or steal. I keep my toys all in separate bag if I have them in night table, and in their original boxes in my wardrobe if not in use. Just to be safe.

    I personally remove batteries from non rechargeable toys when they are not in use. Even without toys meltin, leaking battery can damage the toy and make it non usable.

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    Cheers guys :) was just me being an idiot then, time to make some baggies x

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    We had this my jessica Rabit melted

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    Silicone on the whole is ok as are most vynal based toys. Latex is a problem at times as it is an organic substance and will break down over over time just like latex clothing. Many toys have a latex base to their chemical composition hence the different levels of reactivity.
    I have had some problems over the years but now bag everything in clear plastic storage bags; since doing this I haven't had a problem.

    Always best to remove batteries just to be safe.

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