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  1. recommendations/suggestions for vibe

    lulu' [sign in to see picture]
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    Well, we used our toys for the first time the other night. Cock ring didn't do much for OH, although to be honest when I was on top the sensations were definitely good.

    We also used the bullet. OH had a problem as the vibes kept making it shoot out his hand which led to some comedy moments ;).

    anyway, as things go it was a positive enjoyable experience for both of us, however even though the vibes from the bullet were good personally I'd like something a bit bigger, something that manages to stimulate and fill. The bullet was good, but left me wanting more. So basically I'd like recommendations from the more experienced user as to a good step up vibrator - but without breaking the bank. OH likes the idea as well and finds it a turn on that it starts things off which he then finishes. Any suggestions?

    PinkPolkaDot [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi there :)

    I'm not sure if you're looking for a better bullet vibrator or just a vibrator in general? If its a bullet you want I'd definitely recommend this It is quite expensive but definitely worth it. It's slightly bigger than bullets usually are so you shouldn't have any problems with it slipping out of your/ your OHs hands during use. If you'd like something cheaper then this would be a good choice I don't have this one personally but I have the smaller version and its amazing. This is slightly bigger too and has more speeds than the original.

    If you're looking for something you could use for internal stimulation as well as clitoral you could try something like this or possibly .

    Or a rabbit if you just want both. This one is in the sale at the moment and is good for beginners

    Was that useful at all? :)

    lulu' [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks - that was very useful.... have never had any sex toys before and now we've stumbled across Lovehoney our interest has been piqued...

    At the moment we are considering and

    Although this one could also do the job.

    But Id really like something insertable not just for clit stim - I need both really, so I suppose my question is out of the two which would you reccommend? The super bullet really is super, strong vibrations that left me quite literally buzzing, could barely keep still...hmm, maybe we need to invest in a bondage starter kit too......

    Nymeria [sign in to see picture]
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    How about something like this- I had my partner use a similar toy (the non vibrating version) on me.. and it was amazing. It's also on sale right now.

    This one is also very powerful and can be used internally or clitorally etc- ON sale too. =)

    If you're considering beginner's bondage on a budget- this is on offer:

    Hope that helps and enjoy choosing.

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