1. cloneboy v clone a willy

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    I have tried the mould a willy kits a few times with varying results. The Cloneboy kit is double the price but prepared a little differently with you inserting into a hole in the tube whilst wearing a cockring then pouring the liquid on top.

    I have found the mould a willy kits harder to maintain an erection whilst preparing the ingredients at the right temperature and small time slot to get it right.

    Has anyone tried making a cloneboy or, even better, tried both kits?

    Would love to know the comparison

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    Random question I know & it doesnt answer yours sorry ! But what do you intend to do once your have cloned your bad boy ?

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    I have only used the Cloneboy, completely messed up the first time trying to get temperatures right so used the spare packet without bothering about the temp stuff and it turned out okay. I did buy extra supplies because I thought I could do better and was very happy with the result. I just ignored the instructions on sorting out temperature of water and concentrated on keeping hard and mixing.

    As for the purpose, my other half was going to the States for a while so it was something to keep her company. We are apart during the week often and she likes going to sleep feeling the ridges of 'me' without me being there.

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    Tried the clone a willy ages ago and it was a total mess, but we were talking about it last week and the OH thought we should give it another try, ordered one on friday without telling her and it arrived this morning, went for the Cloneboy this time as it had 2 mixes so I caould balls up once and it has a little longer setting time.

    Decided I'd give it a blast this morning while I was working from home, ok I probably rushed a little and could have spent more time, might have cut the tube a little short so it wont be full length, maybe a half an inch so no big problem, girth was tight but worked, to be honest the big trick with any of these is it helps to have your partner there, between mixing the material and keepiong it at the right temprature and keeping a good hard on while your doing all this is tricky BUT I must say I've learnt fromout first attempt and I reckon this one is going to be a good effort.

    When it's finished I'm going to make a few adjustments, little longer in the tube length, open the tube up in and give a little more space for girth and maybe not as much rushing and I think I'll of cracked it and she'll be getting a pink, black and glow in the dark version for our wedding anniversay on friday.

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    I have the cloneboy on my wishlist as a sort of jokey thing - but there is method to my madness - i'm hoping it will come in handy for those days when the OH is not quite feeling up to it - I can still 'have' him :P Of course, that's providing I can catch him on a 'good' day to make it :P

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    We tried a clone a willy kit once and it was a total disaster and very messy :-/

    We made it because my sex drive is a lot higher than my partner so I could still have him even if he wasnt up for it. He wasnt keen on the idea of me using something on myself that wasnt him (hes now overcome that lol).

    Id spend the extra money and go for the more expensie one :-)

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    As i work away from home a lot, i might give one of these kits a go for the OH.

    She has a lot of sex toys, maybe this will make her smile and feel more realistic for her untill im home again.

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