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  1. Sex Toys for Couples


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    Do you use a sex toy with your partner? If so, what kind? Or, what kind of sex toy, would you like to use with your partner?


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    we use a strappie often

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    Great question! I know lots of different kinds of toys you can use with your partner, but I have a couple of favourites. Firstly, it might not be a toy but LUBE! It can brighten up the most mundane of hand-jobs and just makes everything better. Using a wand on your partner can also be a sure-fire way to orgasm.

    But, I think bullet vibrators are my favourite for use with your partner. They're small enough that you can use them whilst you're having sex, or you can let your partner use one on you. They can be used on practically any part of the body and hidden in any handbag or make-up case! No one would know what my bullet is (I have a Lelo Mia).

    There are so many things I love about bullet vibrators, all of them you can find here:

    How To Use a Bullet Vibrator

    I'd recommend investing in a rechargable one too. Anyone else on the bullet bandwagon?

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    love using toys, he likes to use vibes and dildos on me and i enjoy using strokers and flesh lights on him, but recently i got a vibrating tounge ring from anne summers and was soo bummed coz it just slipped off ur tounge it was useless! but then a momnet of inspiration coz our vibrating cock ring had ran out of batteries (we didnt like it that much anyway it was a bit pokey and proddy on me and too tight on him, but i liked the vibrations while he was inside) so i put the tounge ring around him and ta da! a perfect vibrating cock ring lol not too tight and small enough not to hurt me, it fab! x

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    the vibrating cock ring is a good couple toy but they have to be comfortable and quiet.

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