1. So my sister knows about my toys.

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    Had a bullet in my bag once after forgetting to take it out after staying at my boyfriend's. Was at a mates house the next day when something knocked it and it started vibrating... Was embarrassed as hell until my friend piped up that she had one too! :p Lol (:

    Before I started putting my toys in a 'toy box' I had a bad habit of leaving my rabbit lying around my bedroom too, there were a few too many occasions where I've had to quickly think of a way to hide it when someone comes in! :p

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    I think most of us have one of those stories! Not sure my family knows any details about my collection, although no matter how quiet toys profess to be they aren't so I'm under no illusions they know I have some toys. Me and my friends once had a good convo which revealed one of them doesn't 'use those sorts of things'! Am suspicious of her now :)

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    Me and my girlfriend were staying over her friends house about a week back, once me and her got into bed I place my arm under the pillow and felt something a bit odd... I moved it out and couldnt tell what it was (was super dark) then it started vibrating so I was like what the hell, got some light on it to find out it was a little vibrator! her friends vibrator ahaa! thankfully wasnt exactly awkward as both me and my girlfriend are into all that and her friend is quite open about it all too. Just made me laugh... last thing I expected to find to be honest lol

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