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  1. jiggle balls am i doing something wrong?

    boxoftricks [sign in to see picture]
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    I love my love balls. I have the feelztoys desi pure silicone love balls. It took me a while to get used to them but I love them now that I've got to grips with inserting them. It can still take me a couple of attempts to get them in the right place even with lube. Love sitting on my rocking chair when I've got them in ;) . Have now purchased glass individual balls to try awaiting delivery with impatience lol. Best of luck with your jiggle balls and remember RELAX.

    Candied Citrus [sign in to see picture]
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    I bought these balls: pretty recently, because (despite being young and a virgin to boot) I find I embarrassingly have some problems with bladder weakness - and have since I was young. I do Kegel exercises normally now, but wanted to try something that could help out, and also feel good at the same time. :P

    Unfortunately I can only get the first ball in, and can't get past the narrow neck joining the two. Despite having very good willpower, self-discipline and usually being able to ignore my pain threshold, it hurts too much to try and get anymore of them in. :(

    SexynShy [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi there! I have the Lelo mini pleasure beads system, I have in the past suffered from painful penetration and these have helped me get used to relaxing and tightening my muscles at the right times for sexual penetration.

    The mini ones are lovely. They rattle and you can really feel them. They are plastic balls, pink and blue and in various weights. A friend recommended them to me on here since the therapy balls I bought were too big for me to begin with. The balls sit in a white silcone hold, which is why you get the drag. When silicone isn't lubed up (or dry) you'll get a drag. It's like mastrubating a man with a sweaty palm compared to having it all lubed up - that's why it's uncomfortable. Also it will be uncomfortable removing them since your muscles are tightened around them and are suddenly letting go, the release when they are out. I find taking them out standing up are the easiest way.

    Using the singular plastic ball means you have no drag just the tug of letting go. I would recommend them if you are new to the kegal toys. I am fine with my dildo since i've been using them, they've easied me into it. Also, may I just say, they make me wet as hell just having them in. I think it's the fact something is inside of me and no one knows about it but i'm always the same even if it's after ten minutes of use with them.

    You have to thave the bottom ball in a minimum of 2cm, even though it feels like it'll slip out it really doesn't. The plastic and silicone plus the muscles tighening with hold them in :)

    Good luck!

    fistinglover69 [sign in to see picture]
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    well id say that as they feel uncomfortable, its because theyre falling further into the lower muscles. try wearing them and clenching really hard and this should mean that theyre staying above these muscles and so are being kept inside comfortaby

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