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  1. Need helping choosing between these two items.

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    apart from the £10 price difference, what else is different between these two massagers? i cant figure it out lol.

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    I have no experience with massagers at all, but I do have experience at staring between two almost iddentical products and trying to chose between.

    First of all, which one VISUALLY appeals to you more? That's a big factor- as they're both so highly rated, they're probably equilly good at what they do, so probably in the long run, it will come down to which do you think you'd like to spend your time looking at? Dont regret making a decision based on price, or whatever, if you're always thinking 'well, I really liked that aqua colour though'.

    Secondly, they're both iddentical in shape and design of exterior case, and they're gonna have raving reviews, so I would look into how well it LOOKS like they operate. Watch both of the videos relentlessly, and see which you're leaning towards.

    Lastly, I'd advise you traul through the reviews- preferably the longer, more detailed ones, and just keep an eye out for the people who have PREVIOUSLY OWNED a wand before. A lot of reviews come from people who havent, and are just raving about owning a wand itself. See if they have something to say that this one does bettter, or worse, then others they've had.

    All in all, it comes down to your instincts. Which in your heart are you leaning towards.

    And if you still cant chose, have someone here make the decision for you. And then see how you feel about the result- if you're suddenly fighting against their decision- hey presto, go for the other. If you nod along, 'yeah, thats cool', then follow their advice and go for that one.

    Good Luck!

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    I had a tough time choosing a wand myself when i finally decided to get one. I went with the lovehoney deluxe as the reviews (not just on lovehoney but elsewhere) were great, the product looked lovely, the power as shown in video and when i compaired the two at the end of the day it came down to the price.

    By the looks of the bodywand it is brilliant and Lovehoney Staff may be able to point out differences but to me i fell for the lovehoney magic wand duluxe, i love the little lovehoney heart on it too. And i adore my wand, the best present i have ever gotten myself.

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    The difference?


    Both have fantasic reviews so go with the one that suits your budget or you prefer the look of.

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    brand is price diff, the lovehoney one has good reviews so i go with that

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    So.... what have you decided?

    From my POV, it looks like the two products are nearly iddentical- I wouldnt be surprised if LH matched the motor etc, so they're probably as equil as the other- they both have riddiculously good reviews. I agree with Naked_Butler- the main reason for the price difference is probably because the LH one is an 'own brand'.

    My own opinion- chose which you think looks prettiest, in your opinion. I think they're the same internally, so go based on the obvious differences you can see.

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    ooh hard decision! personally, I'd go for LH's own as you know it's definitely good quality, and it's £10 less for exactly the same product!

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    i also was having a hard choice deciding i went for the bodywand as im a firm believer of you get what u pay for so hope the extra £10 gave me something i was not seeing but tbh i dont think it has so go with what ever you like the look of

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