1. Best and worst lubes

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    For masturbation I love Liquid Silk.. I find the fact that it's white quite sexy for some reason! It's smooth, not sticky and most importantly it doesn't stain!

    For oral sex I love Durex Cherry but it's a bit sticky and leaves marks on the sheets (they do wash out though!)

    I don't like durex warming lubes... feel terrible!

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    I reacted really unpleasantly to durex aloe vera - it got binned. My durex flavoured ones seem to push the wrong buttons on my ladybits, so not too happy.

    ID Frutopia doesn't irritate and does taste great (I have mango) but gets a little sticky after a time.

    Sliquid Sassy WAS my favourite anal lube, but then what I have left in the bottle went very watery and useless, bought some maximus to replace.


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    best>>>> liquid silk

    worst>>>>>>ky jelly

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    im a huge fan of the juicy id ones.

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    i only really use lubes for playing with my toys and not for sex. durex play is ok- seems to do the job!

    maximus is really good lube. unfortunately my least favourite that i ended up throwing away was my tracey cox lube- it was so sticky and not nice to use

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    Hi, I met a sales rep once that worked for an engineering company. He had been to America to sell this machine that puts the lube in to the bottles. A guy there had told him that if you filled a swimming pool with lube and jumped in, you would drown because there is no friction.

    I know this is off topic but interesting about lubes.

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