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  1. New partner - new to kink

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    Hey guys,

    Hope you're all well, I've been away for a while but I could do with your advice!

    I have a lovely new partner (yay!) and she's brought out in me a desire to try things I've never thought about before. We'd like to try lots of stuff really, spanking, blind folds, perhaps a little pain? And before I next see her, I'd like to put together a little toy box of fun stuff we can try out!

    So I'd like your adive .. what would you put in your box? What couldn't you go without? What was the best little toy you found? Or something more costly that's totally worth it?

    Also, while I'm here, anyone have any preferance on toy's like the Feeldoe/Share?


    Blueeyes82 [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi and welcome back :)

    I would say this is a must for a BGSM type kit. I have them and have had much fun!



    Also these candles are fabulous;


    ^^ candles don't hurt, they are actually kinky and relaxing. You could lay on your front, lights down, music in the background, candles lighting the room. Him having control. Get him to drip the waxing slowly down your spin, you WILL NOT be disappointed ;)

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    when it comes to spanking, blindfolds and pain i may not be stylish but i sure am resorcefull. you probably have things that will already work well in your hose. spatula or hand sre great for spanking, any sort of scalf or sleep mask will work as a blindfold and as for pain, masarge candles , ice cubes, clothes pegs, cocktail sticks...

    see what you can find around the house, adapt it if needed, decorate it if you like and put it all in a toy box. its all loads less intimidating and lots of fun i find if me or my parter has made it i find. and if you dont find you'r as into it as you thought then you can agree to leave the spatula in the kitchin and the pegs on the washing line :)

    hope this helps

    have fun

    rd XX

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    My favourite new addition to my toybox is a pair of handcuffs. I'm a newcomer to this kind of thing as well, but I found a good pair of cuffs was a must-buy. I would also recommend a blindfold, but these are easy to get hold of (scarf etc) without need to splash out. With regards to spanking etc, maybe try out how you feel about it by using hands or household objects (belts, wooden spoons, whatever you have around) before investing in a whip or paddle.

    The bondage bedroom kits are a good start for experimentation.

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