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  1. DIY Arduino-based Toys

    MrBumpyBear [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
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    • Joined: 1 Mar 2005

    Hi all,

    I recently purchased an Arduino (http://www.arduino.cc/) and I was wondering if anyone else on here was doing any sex-toy-related hardware hacking?

    It strikes me that you could create some incredible toys using these things that could learn from/react to your arousal levels etc.

    I'm sure I'm not the only geek... :)


    JakeH [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Brigadier
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    • Joined: 12 Jul 2008

    Now this is intriguing. Ridiculously geeky, but simultaneously awesome...

    sweetlove666 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
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    one of lovehoneys rivals ( and theyre on the highstreet) had a vibrator that changed patterns depending on the depth it was inserted. i'd assume it used some sort of sensor. there are also high end toys that can memorise patterns (such as the SaSi by jejoue)

    so it does seem possible that you could do it.

    youd need a motor or some sort of toy which you can alter the circutry in and this would depend on who the toy was for and if it was to be inserted.

    Gyrator53 [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 27 Sep 2007

    Well you could make a good electrosex unit with one. You could use a mosfet, inductor, diode and high voltage capacitor switched by one of the PWM outputs of the unit (with feedback via a potential divider to the ADC) to provide each of the channel voltages and then gate the outputs using a couple more mosfets per channel with some level-shifting.

    When I have time I'm going to do something of this sort but it won't be an Arduino as I'm a dyed-in-the-wool PIC man myself 8-)=
    MrBumpyBear [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
    • Posts: 33
    • Joined: 1 Mar 2005

    I've looked at the e-stim stuff in the past and I'm not convinced I'd want to build my own - too many risks with rigging 120V@3mA to my dangly bits! :)

    I was thinking more about using the Arduino to manage sensors/motors etc. and something like a Raspberry Pi to do all the "hard work" such as signal analysis etc.

    There are a few people doing stuff out there like qDot ( http://www.slashdong.org/ ) and Franklin Veaux ( http://tacit.livejournal.com/ ) however I was interested to know if there were any other folks in the LH community that might have ideas on how/what to measure/control...

    Thanks for the comments so far,


    Gyrator53 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Major General
    • Posts: 858
    • Joined: 27 Sep 2007

    So long as you design the switch-mode converter right there is not a lot to worry about as the maximum output can be limited even in fault conditions.

    I have done some quick and dirty modifications to a commercial unit so that it can now deliver 350us biphase pulses of about 200mA into a 500 ohm load. Interestingly with the right (large area) electrodes this isn't uncomfortable but causes some serious muscle activity. Of course with electrodes you can monitor skin resistance and voltages generated by muscle activity so there is scope for some feedback from the user (victim!) to the unit.

    MrBumpyBear [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
    • Posts: 33
    • Joined: 1 Mar 2005

    So my idea is more along the lines of using various easy to obtain parts and hooking them all together with the arduino as the "control centre".

    This could include heart rate and GSR (sweat-levels - like a lie detector but more sensitive!) monitors to slow down/speed up the attached devices as the user approaches climax etc.

    If I was going to do this, what would people measure and why? (I already know from this site how and what to stimulate... ;) )

    TTurtle [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Major General
    • Posts: 942
    • Joined: 2 Feb 2010

    Absolutely no reason why this isn't possible..arduino's are immense little devices capable of so much. A RasPiSexToy could also be an interesting project as well.....

    lespaul8 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Colonel
    • Posts: 3
    • Joined: 27 Dec 2009

    We use Arduinos in the lab as voltage controllers so it's definitely possible (PWM), you could use some simple op-amp circuitry if you needed more power easily enough..

    Then it's just a case of where your imagination (and electronics/programming skill) takes you - thermistors for sensing how hot you are maybe... apologies for the awful pun...

    uniqueIdentifier [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Colonel
    • Posts: 10
    • Joined: 10 May 2009

    I'd be interested in seeing how this worked out. There's quite a good thread somewhere over at fetlife entitled Hacking the Hitachi which has some parallels.

    There are plenty of arduino examples about galvanic skin response out on the net, and I put something together a couple of years ago that would take heart rate data wirelessly from an exercise chest strap.

    MrBumpyBear [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
    • Posts: 33
    • Joined: 1 Mar 2005

    UI - I'm looking at doing exactly that - I've ordered one of http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/grove-chest-strap-heart-rate-sensor-p-1115.html?cPath=197 along with a few 1-wire sensors to see what I can play with.

    I've been following qDot @ slashdong.org for quite a while and tacit.livejournal.com has some fun ideas as well.

    I'll see what happens... ;)

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