1. Ladies, does your bloke know how much you use your toys or play alone?

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    Oh wow that sounds awful, hope someone figures it out one day for you

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    When my mum was terminally ill she fainted and had an accident on one of our lounge chairs, to me it was contaminated and uncleanable and my dad had to get it out of the house as soon as possible, i couldn't even go downstairs with it there. If i had an accident, the mattress would have to go, and be replaced, and if it dripped through on to the actual boards that support the mattress they'd have to go, same for the carpet underneath. (Sure you can see why the thought of squirting terrifies me, since i'd be convinced it was pee or atleast had some in it so was all contaminated) It gets me so down that im so stressed about something that is a daily occurence for some people, but it's horrible knowing theres a 30-50% chance of your biggest fear (becoming incontinent) of happening to you, i''d honestly rather be shot, stabbed, anything else at all but incontinent, and it doesn't matter what i do, kegels, not smoking, trying (and sadly fialing) to maintain a lower weight, not ever having a child, i could still develop it for no reason. :(

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