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    I have recently started seeing a lovely new girl, and vaguely mentioned that i want to feel my arse filled up, not with a cock or anything, more plug/bead etc. Any ideas on what we can try to make it enjoyable for us both?

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    She's either into it, or she isn't. If she is, then get yourself a tube of lube and a latex glove - let her go nuts. Then if you feel like it, get yourself a few toys... moving on to a strap-on. She may not like the idea of pegging so don't splash out until you know for certain.


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    get to know her first....many women may find it strange

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    I would say talk about your likes and dislikes first, to see whether she has experimented in the past :)

    It may be a bit of a shock otherwise as some may still consider it a little taboo

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    mm difficult go through a list of does and dont's and maybe's if the mood takes you both?

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    Yeah, I would make sure how happy she is to do it!!

    I use beads, vibe, vibrating dildo, strap on with the OH.

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    I am maybe the most sexually open person I know, but I still don't enjoy the whole bum fun thing, each to their own though, but definitely find out if it's her thing first!

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