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  1. Sqweel - for those who don't LOVE oral...?

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    Hey all! I'm "new" here - never posted on the forum before, please be gentle with me as I couldn't find an answer when I searched ;)

    Basically, I'm not a massive lover of getting oral (I'm female btw!) - it's only ever made me come twice, and generally I would just say it feels "nice". It's definitely not the men, it IS me! I can pinpoint exactly what the "problem" is to know it's me :) I do WANT to enjoy it more though... :(

    So I'm wondering if buying a Sqweel might be a good idea? Are there any other women out there who don't necessarily love oral but found a Sqweel to be an amazing investment? Is it possible it might help improve my body's reaction to real oral? (That last bit sounds almost ridiculous reading it back!)

    I really want some different toys, and this is really tempting me, but it's more than I'd usually spend on one toy alone!

    Thoughts please :D

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    The sqweel is a bit of amarmite toy, it really is one that other people's opinion doesn't help a huge amount. (sorry not the answer you were after!!)

    I would say if it is really important to you to enjoy oral more, it wouldn't do you any harm to buy one. At least that way you can experiment with what works for you without worrying about anyone else. Yes it is a little expensive, but you use it in other ways, think blindfolding your partner and using it in him (without letting him see it first).

    The one thing I would say is that the more you focus on having an orgasm, the less likely it is you will actually have one.

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    Hey, I'm like you I'm not really a great fan of oral and I think it's because I have a really sensitive clitoris so unless I'm completely relaxed I don't enjoy it that much and don't orgasm. However, since investing in a rabbit and exploring clitoral stimulation in general a lot more than I used to I've found that I've enjoyed oral more.

    It might help you to buy a toy that focusses on clitoral stimulation like a bullet or a rabbit (if you don't have one already) and they're not as expensive as a sqweel.

    If you already have other toys and it's really important for you to enjoy oral then a sqweel may be worth the investment!

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