1. Vibrations - what are they for you?

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    I have the feeling there is something very wrong with me.

    I recently made a review of the Midnight Velvet Vibrating Love Egg and thought its vibrations were weak. Or at least weak for internal use. Now I tried the Basic Powerful Vibrating Love Egg, where most reviews state it is really powerful and they use it at about 75-80%. I tried using it on 100% - didn't look that powerful to me, so I took out the Midnight Velvet one and compared them - at their highest setting they were practically the same.

    Tried the basic one inside me - except for the noise, I couldn't feel much.

    Also tried the mini wand with the G-spot+clitoris attachment - still no luck. The mini wand works better for me without the attachment, but this way it is again external stimulation only.

    Could it be that after giving birth I lost sensitivity down there? How could I improve it? There is another thing - I got very tight afterwards because of the stitches - is it possible that I am too tight to feel a vibration?

    I bought some kegel balls, too, hope they could help.

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    Try this one:


    It's super powerful. Your privates would have to be dead not to feel it!

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    There's nothing wrong with you. I'm similar - everyone was saying how strong the G-Spot Happy Rabbit vibrations were, and after charging it to full I was a bit like, really? It was just how I was using it that wasn't hitting the spot (It does now though!) My clitoris isn't as sensitive as it used to be either - I need fast and strong vibrations to get me off. I'm trying to to teach myself to relax and just enjoy using toys more rather than having to reach orgasm. I think that might help me find some of what I might've lost.

    A lot of women experience stuff like this after childbirth, but unfortunately I haven't had any so I can't give you any good advice on that xD

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    I'm the same, most of the vibration doesnt do it for me at all, and its funny how some people find it very powerfull when for me its just not enough. i would love more powerfull toys

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    Vibrations just don't do it for some people.

    What about normal sex? Are you still able to achieve orgasm from that or does the sensation from that feel kind of dull too?

    Are you turned on before you start using the vibrators or do you "go in cold"? That may have some effect on the sensation.

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    dotdashdot wrote:

    Vibrations just don't do it for some people.

    I don't like vibrations on me, they're distracting..

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    They are pretty powerful- well the basic love egg, for me personally, but used externally. Most of the sensors are in the clitoris and around that area. A lot of people can become desensitised when they keep using vibrators on high settings- they just become used to it and don't get as much stimulation as they first did. With this, it may be best to take some time out.

    I find vibrations annoying internally, they really don't do much for me. Also, it appears that texture is important sensory wise, internally, like glass dildos and ridges etc. You could try a rabbit vibrator like the new happy rabbits. They seem to be more ideal for internal stimulation.


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    I like the vibrations of a love egg in my rectum but it does mean I rarely win at pool.

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    I LOVE vibrations they make me climax so quickly. Even sitting on the bus makes me horny... the bumpy tyres, the vibrations and the whole tight thong on... yum!

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