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  1. electro stimulation advice please


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    No idea Stu. Read the reviews if there are any. I can tell you I am currently testing(well I say testing I'm actually in chastity to my oh because of this) ( and loving it I might add)

    So far this paired up with the mystim is fantastic. Haven't orgasmed whilst in use not sure if it will take me that far but have leaked plenty of pre cum. Great for being tied and teased by my oh who is testing me to my limits (safe word made beforehand👍🏼)


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    My review of this should be completed next week.

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    Stu53000 wrote:

    Yes and as and as I mentioned there are sort of rubber cock ring types or almost elastic looking material straps to wrap around the penis, from these 2 options which is better in your opinion?
    Thanks! 😃

    The stretch fabric bands work a lot better if you wet them first and make sure to cover the contact surface with the proper conductive lube. The rubber ones are easier to fit snugly but also work a lot better with the proper lube.

    Because the rubber bands have a smaller surface area than the fabric bands the sensation produced by a given box output may be stronger so if intensity of experience is your goal the rubber may work better.

    The broader fabric bands though are good for other body parts such as wrists, one on a wrist and the other on or near the genitals can make for an interesting self play session but remember to turn the box down before letting go

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    Very interesting thread,something i will try!

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    Wow thanks Platinum!! 😃 That was just the kind of advice I was looking for. I think I may go with the rubber (cock ring type) over the material, as I also presume they would be easier to clean up afterwards?! They also look to be more discreet, as would love to try them in public under my clothes! Lol thanks so much for the advice! Will let ya'll now what I get and how it works out!!

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