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  1. Can anyone recommend rings/devices I can use to keep my foreskin permanently retracted?

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    I'm looking for something to keep the head of my cock permanently exposed when flaccid; can anyone recommend a good cock ring or glans ring or anything else that'll do the job nicely? If it can be kept on and enjoyed when I'm erect, too, then so much the better!

    I looked up "cock ring" on Wikipedia, and this is the sort of thing I think might work:


    But if you know of other toys, please share!

    Thanks, everyone!

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    Some chastity devices effectively do this as the cage of the device can have an entrance that is close enough fitting as to hold the foreskin back. I found that the 'birdlocked' device did this but of course the device itself covers the whole penis so slightly defeats the object of the exercise if you are after 'free to air' exposure 8-)=

    Having said that, I did find wearing the birdlocked to be an interesting experience as the sensation of having the foreskin held back was constantly there.

    I guess one of the open-ended chastity devices might do more what you want but all chastity stuff is expensive so the experiment might be a costly failure.

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    Yeah, thanks. I've looked some of those up, and don't think they're what I'm after. I've never actually worn a cock ring, so I'm not sure if they do what I need them to do, either.


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    get your foreskin snipped

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    Are you male or female?

    I am thinking about it, but I do want to test the effect of permanent externalisation on my glans, first.

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    You might want to have a look at something called paraphimosis, a medical condition that occurs as a result of a retracted foreskin resulting in swelling of the foreskin and compression of the glans. This is something that you wouldn't want happening as it can be a medical/surgical emergency.

    Though this is normally naturally occuring, commonly after catherterisation and inadequate reduction of the foreskin, it strikes me that you could put yourself at risk of this if you were to retract your foreskin for extended periods.

    Probably something that is best discussed with your doctor first for a professional medical opinion.

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    A lot of people report a huge loss of sensation when they get circumsised as adults (if it's done as babies they have nothing to comapre it to!), so you're definately wise to try it out first.

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    Well, a cockring probably wont work. if its tight enough when youre flaccid, if you get aroused, you might cause serious harm to yourself. or the ring will snap. both hurt.

    On top of this, no cockring is suggested to be left on for more than 30 mins, else youll start to deprive the cells of oxygen.

    Im intrigued to know why you want to do it though, is it to make yourself less sensitive so that you last longer?

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    A cock ring certainly won't get the job done as if you get hard it will be too tight and you will have some explaining to do in Casualty...

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