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  1. Fun Factory Cobra Libre/Fun Factory Charger?

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    Maybe they're investigating the problem before sending you back another faulty one?

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    It does say on the email you get when they get your return it can take up to 7 working days to process, so they're probably just incredibly busy with it being early Jan, probably a lot of returns this time of year? So they want to let you know quickly that they've received it, which stops you worrying about whether it's gone astray in the post or not, and then they process them, doing whatever you asked of them with the return, (refund or exchange).

    Am sure it will all be fine, if you want to check what's happening you could always try the live chat option and ask?

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    I emailed LH, after my last post. Got a reply, which is good - just says they are busy with returns, but expect to look at mine Monday. So, yes, a lot of returns...

    The trouble with having high standards is that people expect you to meet them all the time.

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    Strange day, believe they have up to a week to actually proceed the return item. They tend to do it within 2 days normally, but if they are busy, then they have up to a week. They say it in the video about returns. From what I remember.

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    I have Good News to report. LH CC have emailed, to say the Toy is OK, but the Charger is u/s.

    Replacement charger found. Should be sending both back to me soon - they hope it will be this weekend.


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    Same problem here with both chargers I was sent (one for the cobra and one for the delight) Guess I'll have to get in touch with LH and sort this, thanks for letting us know about this issue, I wouldn't have know without this thread.

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    @tommy07 - No problem, glad if it helps you. Yes, contact LH CC, for advise. Likely that both Cob & Del are OK - and its the Chargers. Have no idea what stock LH have of chargers - other than 1 less than they had, as one should be winging its way to me, soon.

    One good thing is that FF toys will go quite a while if fully charged - and FF seem to ship fully charged. So.... depending on your usage, there might be time to get you a working one, before the batteries die.....!!

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    Do I need to send my charger back, when I first charged the cobra, the light on the mag connector was on all the time, so I thought it must have been charged at the factory. The cobra has definetely lost charge now as it's slowed down but the light on the connector is on all the time while the one on the cobra flashes.

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    How long have you had it charging? I think I need to go and check how long is recommended because I'm charging at the moment.

    Also, the light on the magnetic charger goes out when the toy is fully charged. I double checked this and that is correct. So it's basically saying it's not charged yet.

    Ah. Also, the flashing light on the Cobra steadily turns red while charging. So basically, the less battery you have, the more blue the light becomes. Such dodgy wording there, I swear.

    Sorry, nearly forgot, and I just read up on it, it takes (apparently) 12 hours first time charge for it to be fully charged and, at the maximum strength, allows one hour of play. I assume you haven't had it charged for 12 hours as that's a damn long time, so for now be patient and all will hopefully be fine.

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    OK. Update..! Got mine back yesterday. This new Charger seems to work - the Mag Plug does light up. When connected, the Mag Plug flashes & the toy display (a very small light, inside) also flashes. Yay....!

    But... after a while, the Mag Plug changes to pulsing - and the display still flashes...? Hmmm. Not seen this before - unsure if normal. Anyone care to comment..? Perhaps it indicates something - nearly fully charged?

    I though all the lights went off when fuly charged (thats what I think my Cobra does), but I am really not sure anymore..... (FF's instructions are not very clear, sorry to say.)

    Perhaps I have not charged for long enough.... (deff not 12 hrs) Am trying again now.

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    Research continues... :-) Asked LH CC - they believe what I descibed above is normal & indicates that the toy is Fully Charged.

    Charging for longer made no difference - the lights remained the same - Mag Plug on, Display flashing. I notice that even after disconnecting the Chrager, the Didplay still flashes - only a very small light. Its like its alive......!!

    Further reports welcome.....

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    Don't have experience with the Cobra, but have spent some time experimenting with one of the G4 vibes which share the same charger and junk. With mine, the instructions on the charger said that it should glow solid red when connected, and go dark once the toy had finished charging. The toy itself had a pulsing light on the control panel while charging, also going dark once fully charged. Now, I found that when they were properly hooked up, all was as it should be - solid red on the charger, flashy on the toy - and all was well. However, once it was fully charged, the toy went dark, as expected, while the red light stayed on. As an experiment, I ran the battery empty, then left it connected, checking it periodically to make sure it wasn't falling out, for over 24 hours, and that light stayed solid. After that, ran the toy on full power to time how charged it had been, and it had indeed taken a 100% charge. So looks like that red light on the charger stays on as long as it's connected to the toy, and you have to go by the toy's display to see when it has been fully charged.

    Maybe it interacts differently with different toys, but that's what I've found with mine, and both charger and toy are working perfectly, even if they are different to as instructed.


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    My cobra does exactly what bashful said!

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    Yes, my Cobra also does that - the Cobra display flashes while charging (small blue light..?), then goes out, when fully charged. Think the Charger Mag Plug light changes from flashing to steady....

    May have to test again... A full discharge then recharge cycle is required. (No-oo - Cyclic Testing......arghhh...!!)

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    Test results - a full discharge took about 2 hours at full power/speed. Charged as expected - Mag plug flashing. On charge overnight - Mag plug was steady this morning, indicating fully charged. This is what I expected & is IMO normal FF behaviour.

    The differences I have found are with the display on the toy itself. On a Cobra, the display has a small blue-ish light, which flashes when charging - and goes off when fully charged (it does not change colour, on mine, as others have reported).

    On a Delight, the display has a very small red light (difficult to even see), which flashes all the time - charging or not - unless the toy is completely 'flat'.

    Hope anyone who has bought a FF toy recently gets their problems sorted out, as I did. Its likely to just be the Charger. Have fun.... it took me 2 hours to discharge the Delight...... ;-0

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    Just to add my experience -

    I have a Duke, and the mag charger lights up red while charging and goes off when finished, and the light on the wall socket is constant red.

    Hope I've helped!

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