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  1. Lelo Lily VS Salsa bullet


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    Hi all, am debating with myself whether or not I need the Salsa bullet! I have a Lelo Lily and am wondering if I need the Salsa. If any of u lovely OA guys are lucky enough to have both of these toys PLEASE will you tell me why the Salsa is better - or why I neeed both even!! I've got a VIP voucher to use so I'd use that BUT I'd love to know if the Salsa is more powerful than the Lily!!
    (I have had a Mia in the past but found the strength wasn't good enough for me and that it didn't seem to hold charge for long enough, so a comparioson between the Salsa/Mia isn't what I'm after)

    Hope some1 can help!!!

    Thanks for your help :--) much appreciated!!


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    Uhm. I have Siri and Tango. Tango is basically just differently shaped Salsa, and it is the most powerful toy in my collection, but to be honest, its not used so often these days, as I seem to prefer the Mia, Siri and Pin Ups. Tango is good for me when I am not so sensitive and can struggle for orgasm, but this happens less and less, so the Tango is used less now. But if you are looking for powerful bullet, it may be for you.

    Just be aware that the Lelo Lily likely lasts much longer on one charge, the Tango can go up to 2 hours after hour and half charge.

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    i have the salsa but not the lily. the salsa is really very powerful and a lovely toy. i got mine when it was on deal of the day though and paid £32 for it. which is a good price for a luxury toy.

    if you have enough money in the bank you could always order both, compare the two and return the one you like the least! that's if you have the willpower to return one of course- i'd be tempted to keep them both!

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