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  1. bodywand problems


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    To all in the OA who own a Bodyand - have you been having any probs that I'm having with mine?

    I seem to be having problems with my bodywand. I got mine in July and it's been working fine and dandy until the other day that is.......the handle got so hot it almost burnt my hand (so I dropped it on my bed sharpish, switched it off and unplugged it). This happened after only 10 mins of use on mod/high setting. It's always got abit too hot (as mentioned in my review) but not scorching like that. I've also noticed that when I apply pressure to the head the wand makes a nasty screeching sound (which itnever used to) and when the head is at an angle (with my hand/fingers well away from the scroll wheel) it turns the power down. I've tried it since the nearly hand burning time - in different sockets but the handle still heats up too quick and the same noise when pressure is apllied (and it turning itself down).

    I'd very much like to know what you think esp if you have a bodywand.

    Have emailed CS about it but I just wanted to get your views, just incase I'm wrong and all the above is normal - which's why no1 else has mentioned it. I dont want to put any1 off buying 1, I really think mine has a loose wire/connection somewhere, sadly.

    Thanks guys, D69x :-s

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    I had an essentials wand that I returned because it created a horrible screetching noise when I applied pressure to the head, so I assume that there must be something about a wands construction that lends itself to having this problem.

    I bought a bodywand as a replacement but I haven't used it often enough for any non emediate problems to show up.

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