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    I've searched for a thread on this, but couldn't find anything. I'm thinking of buying some kegal balls (just the £4.99 ones for sale on here, starting cheap). However, I'm 20 and have had no kids etc, so I'm wondering if it's worth it? Are they intended only for people who've had kids, or is it worth starting to use them now? I don't want to end up 'too tight' if that's possible? Any advice'd be very appreciated :-) xx

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    i use ben wa balls (they're the same as kegal balls but with a different name) because i like the feel of them and the fact that i can wear them round the house without anyone noticing. an added benifit is they tone the pelvic floor muscles which could be useful for any age i dont think it is possible to become too tight, though i dont actually know.

    i found this buyers guide that i thought you might like to read, there's not much there but its interesting.


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    Get them, they will make a difference. You can never be too tight, that's why guys love anal.

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    It's *always* worth it! While they are primarily billed as useful for those feeling a loss of tightness after birth, that's not a necessary criterion of using/enjoying them.

    Essentially, the vagina and pelvic floor region is a bunch of muscles, and the more you exercise them, the 'fitter' they get, same as any other muscles. Many people who use kegel balls regularly, or even for a time before having sex, report having more intense orgasms. I've found that myself, as the muscle 'clenching' is stronger. Same as how they say having sex more frequently trains you to experience orgasm more fully, it's really just limbering up.

    Aside from that, there's the fact that they can be fun to wear for their own sake. Getting one with moving weights inside mean that they can rattle when you're on a bus, running up some stairs, or stand up a little too fast. I have heard some women claiming to orgasm through this alone...no entirely sure I buy that, but can't say it's impossible! Personally, I tend to forget I'm wearing them after a while, and it's a fun little thrill when they 'remind' me by jiggling about all of a sudden. I certainly does feel fun, and gets me in the mood for some real play once I'm home.

    As to 'too tight', I don't think that should be a concern. As I mentioned, those muscles work like any other muscles, and you don't see people with well-toned biceps unable to straighten their arms; even the freakishly over-developed ones can reach out straight without ripping something! Same thing applies to your fun-muscles, just because they get toned enough that they *can* go tighter doesn't mean that they lock into squished-shut mode as a default.

    There's some buyer's guides on kegel balls and exercises that might help:

    and a few forum threads that might have some more information:

    In short, though, they are fab, whether you'd had kids or not. Great fun, and it's never too early to start thinking about keeping those muscles nice and toned!

    Oh, and be aware that different balls are better for different people. If you've never had kids, are relatively young, and quite well toned already, you might not find that a larger, lighter set of balls gives you much sensation. The smaller and heavier the ball, the more of a workout it gives you. If you try the cheapy ones and don't recon they're doing much for you, it could be worth checking for something a little more challenging.

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    Hello, it is worth it. I am very tight, but I use them, as it is not only about getting tight, but also about muscle exercise and gaining more control over them, which can sometimes help during sex, from my own experience and from others on this forum. Being too tight can be a problem, as the penetration can get painful for the woman, which is problem for some here. Some of us do use Kegels to gain more control over the muscles and allow it to be far easier for us.

    Actually I am normally sooo tight, that they loosen me bit up, because just inserting them is strentching me, but because they are still smaller than my partners manhood, it is ok, as it does make penatration easier, mainly becauase I can also "will" my muscles to relax a bit while my partner takes me.

    Cannot confirm stronger orgasms, it does not seem to be the case for me, but I am not doing them daily, mainly for practical reasons, impossible with my work schedule

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    I use the ben wa balls not only do i use them for kegel exercises but i find they leave me horney which is always a bonus!

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    Hi everyone I think this is the best place to ask this but dus anyone know where I can fined information on the best way to position kegal exasiser to achieve the best results and also haw it feels or so-posed to feel while using them as I have just bought the ami set from lovehoney and I am sort of freaking about what to do and if I'll be doing it wright or wrong. 
    New hear so sorry if I'm on the wrong post or it has already bean answered

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    i've just ordered my first set of kegel toners....and i was slightly nervous about them until i read this forum. i'm looking forward to receiving them now!

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    Hope you enjoy them The_Nic, they are also amazing fun with a partner being pulled out one at a time slowly and then re inserted. Gives me amazing orgasms and leaves me unbelievably wet =)

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    You're half right. They won't make you tighter than a certain point, and they may not even noticeably increase your muscle tone if you're already in peak condition. However, they do a lot to stave off the inevitable 'decay' that comes with age. If you think of someone exercising more visible muscles - not in a body-building way, just in a 'keeping fit' kind of way - they might not get any fitter, but if they stop exercising, they certainly get less fit. And, as anyone who has slacked off and put on weight or lost muscle tone in any way will know, it's much harder to get back in shape once things have started to slide than it is to keep on top of it with regular work-outs. The pelvic floor muscles especially do suffer as you get older, regardless of childbearing, so starting before it's necessary is a great way to keep a 'youthful vagina', as well as the other aspects such as bladder control, etc., so it's definitely something that shouldn't be put off until you find you're in need of fixing it.

    Certainly, you can just do your exercises and never touch kegel balls or exercisers, same as you can keep fit by just going for a jog or doing some sit-ups on a regular basis. Where they come in is making it a bit easier and for many a bit more enjoyable, as well as forcing you to keep working them: if you commit to doing the clench-'n'-hold on a regular basis, it's easy to forget, or not push yourself as hard as you could. It's the same, really, as a regular walker using a pedometer to track how far they're going, or someone using wrist weights to intensify their workout: all unnecessary, really, but it does get you more bang for your buck, or at the very least help you ensure that you're optimising your workout regime and not slacking off before you've actually done as much as you need.

    So sure, for someone in peak condition, just doing the exercises is a valid option, and you may not see yourself suddenly developing a monster vice clamp in your cooch, but they can and do help as a preventative measure, especially for those people who find it hard to keep pushing themselves to exercise a muscle that they can neither see nor feel any need to improve on.

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