1. Do you find it hard to choose what you want

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    This has been a hard one for me as im with a newish g/f so the whole which sex toys is a bit harder as she has never had anyone buy anything for her,Ive just got my first order at home cuffs/door jam cuffs/ blindfold those were quite easy to pick but ive also got her a Lelo it was hard to make up my mind what toy to get as she will be very nervous about using it as she has never experimented with putting things inside her accept a penis or a guys finger,I think the Lelo was the right choice it looks very nice cant wait to show her but this one is for her birthday in December. I cant wait till i can use the Lelo on her.

    Ive got to put another order this one i really cant make my mind up do i buy something thats something really kinky for me to wear while we are out New Years eve so it can be a naughty night for us or do i buy something like a Tenga so she will be more at ease when i show her the Lelo.

    Do i really need a toy for myself like a Tenga when i seem to cum to fast at the moment,Im trying to cure that so hopefully ill be lasting longer.

    Im sure buying gets easier as time goes on.

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    There is me saying i got her a Lelo but i never said what it was,I got her a Lelo Ella.

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    It really does depend on what you like and what u like to feel sex toy wise. There r so many options on LH and can make buying something a little more complicated. I started off with a rabbit and wasn't overly impressed and so moved onto the more realistic type toys. I wont ever use anything else


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    Good sex is all about exploring and experimenting, observing what works, what doesn't, and what works even better. That's as true with toys as it is with any other part of sex.

    Choosing can be crazy-making because there is SO much. So maybe one of the packages on offer would help? There are a couple of great offers going on, like the couples oriented Starter Pack and the 'limited edition' (Six of the Best) gift box. If you can swing £50, that's a lot of variety for the money. It even has the Contour Body Curve - the most versatile vibe I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.




    Your attitude is probably what's going to have the greatest effect re putting her at her ease. Will having a Tenga there make you more comfortable or will it be a distraction? My suggestion is to play with one toy at a time until you (both) get to know them and how you like to use them. There's a lot to be said for keeping it simple. :--)

    Most of all, have fun with it and explore.

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    I see time is the key thingAnd see what things does what.

    I dont think ill buy another toy just yet even if it was for my pleasure,Thanks everyone.

    I think ill buy some Super Kinky underwear for myself then to turn me and her on.

    I think we will get use to the Ella actaully it will be fun for both of us as ive never used a toy on onyone,And she has never had a toy used on her and never had any Gspot fun.

    We use lubricant its a water based one that will be fun using it on her clit because so far she has never been touched around there for to long because its to sensitive for her.

    Thanks for your tips.

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