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  1. Undecided: Discreet Wonder Wave Fleshlight Or Sex In A Can-Lady Lager?

    kello [sign in to see picture]
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    I am looking to buy a discreet fleshlight which closely simulate a vaginal sex sensation. And I have narrowed down my choices to the 'Discreet Wonder Wave Sleeve Based Fleshlight' and the 'Sex In A Can - Lady Lager'. My penis is 5" in length and 1.6" in diameter.

    Pros of Sex In A Can - Lady Lager:

    1. Smaller and hence easier to store, hide and also portable.
    2. Discreet when not opened.
    3. It fits my budget.

    Cons of Sex In A Can - Lady Lager:

    1. No discreet opening.
    2. Read that it make some noise. Since I share a flat with 2 office colleagues, that's a no-no.

    Advantages of Discreet Wonder Wave Fleshlight:

    1. Discreet slit opening.
    2. No noise complaint in all the reviews that I have read.
    3. Easy to clean.

    Disadvantages of Discreet Wonder Wave Fleshlight:

    1. Too costly. Will have to wait for a couple of months to buy it.
    2. Not so easy to store and hide.


    1. Does the 'Sex In A Can - Lady Lager' really makes a lot of noise?
    2. Is the Lady Lager a perfect fit for my penis size?
    3. Does the mini Lotus texture give as good a sensation as the original Lotus sleeve?
    4. I have read that the Lotus sleeve is harder to clean and takes a long time to dry. Is this also true for the mini Lotus sleeve?
    5. Is the Wonder Wave sleeve based Fleshlight silent?
    6. How long does the Wonder Wave sleeve usually takes to dry?
    6. Which one will give me a better vaginal sex sensation?


    sxe_couple21 [sign in to see picture]
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    They all make noise. Lube, air and something pushing away, its inevitable. None of mine make masses of noise.

    They don't dry or clean particularly well in my opinion. I've got plenty of textures and I can't say any are worse or better in this department.

    I'm sure any of these will work fine for you in the size department but if you're looking for something ensured to be tighter look at the tight inserts.

    Personally, if you're looking for a realistic feel then I'd look at the forbidden texture (it'll have an anal opening but in my mind its the closest match to vaginal sex I've found).

    kello [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks for your reply.

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