1. My experience with a fleshlight:

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    I found the Fleshlight Sex in a Can much better & tighter to give a quicker result. Standard Fleshlight just aint tight enough for me & I find I can easily get off in one. But if you can make yourself last a couple hrs in the bed w/o cumming, a fair few women would sure love that.

    Read up on Tantric Sex....

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    I'm a conscientious bastard and would rather have one woman rather than three. I know it's great for me being able to last a long time with a woman, since that equals better sex for her. But I'd be chafing her with no result for me, so I'd like a little sensitivity so that I can get to a climax myself. But... you know, with foreplay before sex should be better for myself. But I'm no where near the point where I'm having sex. And even then I'm not drooling at the thought of having sex with a woman. I'm drooling at the thought of a romantic relationship with a woman.

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    The solar stim bullet has really good reviews. It can be charged from artifical and low light levels so even in cloudy weather it should be fine.

    Returning an item is also really easy. Just pack it back in the box with a note, stick the label you get with your order on the outside, fill in one of their forms online and ship it off free. =)

    I'd agree with the rocks off toys though. The rude boy didn't suit me at all.

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    Oh well. I'll try this vibrator when I have the money. I'd probably tear through batteries otherwise.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Too much stamina is no fun for anyone! If I've masturbated in the morning, then have sex with my girlfriend later the same day, it can mean that I last seemingly forever. In spite of how plump, juicy and round her bottom is, how big and soft her breasts are and/or how downright horny her kisses are, orgasm occasionally eludes me, and we reach a point where I'm rogering away at the poor girl to no avail and just making her sore!

    And I still feel as frustrated afterwards as I would if I'd just licked and fingered her to orgasm and paid no attention to my own desires... In short, only masturbate when you're reasonably sure you won't be getting any proper sex for a day or 2!!

    (The "death grip" theory is interesting... I've never been conscious of having a death grip, but that might just be because I've always been enjoying myself to much to notice! Must "investigate" this theory further... ;) )

    Oh, and getting back on topic, I had a fleshlight a while ago; it felt pretty good at first but was such a pain to clean and dry afterwards, and if it wasn't 100% dry it went weird and sticky. And it was impossible to avoid lube seeping from that crappy end cap that didn't even seal properly! Personally I much prefer the Tracey Cox stroker.

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    INH - the dry silky powder coating on a new Fleshlight is just common cornflour (available at your local supermarket!), and you can re-dust the sleeve when you want to re-juvinate the finish.

    I agree the TC stroker is a more useable toy though.


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    i think mine is great, could be doing with a bit tighter but as they are a quite steep she will do for the moment,

    can be very messy tho sometimes, but lots of fun!!!!!

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