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    Hi all

    I normally masturbate just using my hand and also anal beads, but I have recently heard about strokers. I have searched on the LH forum but can't find too much about them. I am a little unsure if I should get one, however I have a few concerns about them. 1: how comfortable are they when you are inside them? 2: do you needs lots of lube? 3: do you cum inside them or do you need to remove prior to cumming? 4: if the answer is yes to cumming in them how do you keep them clean? 5: do they have a shelf life so to keep?

    I can't really see too much advice re this on the previous posts. I apologise if there is however I have been through the 8 pages of advice and not sure!!


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    There are a few blog posts on strokers and you can find them here:- http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/s.cfm?term=stroker&department=blog It includes how to use one.

    Like most sex toys it really does depend on the individual's preference with regards to how one feels and how comfortable they are. You can use lots of lube but again it's up to you what kind and which to use. For example, runnier lube still gives you more feeling in the sensations.

    Most people prefer to ejaculate in them or through them depending on whether they're open or closed ended. The durability varies from stroker to stroker but the cheaper ones don't usually last long. You can look into more detail by checking out the reviews. To keep them clean you simply run warm water through them with soap or antibacterial spray beforehand. For the closed ended ones you turn the whole thing over and clean it out that way.

    The most popular stroker/sleeve is the Tracycox stroker- http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/male-sex-toys/sleeves-strokers/

    I'd suggest investing in the starter kit as you get Lovehoney's own brand stroker with it as well as an amazing bullet vibe and lube/sex toy antibacterial cleaner for £20. Bargain. =] http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/

    I think the things to look out for when you're looking for a stroker/sleeve is how intense it will be. This can be figured out by how tight it is and how the texture will feel. My OH prefer tight ridged strokers over the other stuff including the TENGA fliphole. >.<

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    Hi KK ive thought about getting a stroker for my hubby but like you i dont really know to much about them.


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    There appears to be lots of info re vibrators, dildos, anal beads etc fizzy but very little re strokers. Nymeria answered well, so thanks Nymeria. Will re read and see what I think. Though may just stick with hand and anal beads as can't quite get my head around them at the moment lol.

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    I got the starter park that Nymeria mentioned and think the stroker feels great, can't wait to try it on a guy, it feels great when I put my fingers in it, haha.... The pack is such a bargain, especially with the 25% off if you got the email this weekend, a great way to try it out, if you don't like it, you've not really lost much...

    The stroker itself is reversible and has two different textures to give you a bit of variety, it's lovely and soft, and think it would feel lovely :)

    The pack comes with lube, which you would def need to use the stroker properly, and has the cleaner so once you have used it you can wash it out and then give it a squirt to clean it. Am sure the bullet would be useful too :)

    As for actual advice, sorry haven't got any, this will be a first for me using it when I get the opportunity, but I can't see what's not to like...

    Am sure some of the guys will be along soon to advise you better.

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    Hey KinkyKev

    Looks like the girls got in there and answered all your questions but I’d just thought I’d chip in as a man and as a superfan and regular user of strokers.

    My advice is absolutely go for it! Buy yourself any stroker that that takes your fancy. I did years ago and have never looked back and now have built up a varied collection over time. Its time to give your penis a treat and take your masturbation into the 21st century!

    Now lets turn to your q’s in order.

    1)How comfortable is it inside a stroker? Its normally fantastic and so much better than just your hand. Maybe you are concerned that the texture of a stroker might be too rough/intense for you. They’re designed to feel good so if one you use doesn’t feel good that would be unusual. Read the reviews around the LH site and see what you think would work for you. For a beginner I’d recommend a stroker which has just simple ridges like the TC Supersex stroker http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16558

    You could also think about which diameter would suit you best and maybe go for a loose one to start with.

    2) The amount of lube is totally up to you. You certainly don’t need loads. At least a little over your penis and in the stroker to smooth your entry is always required but not more than that. I recommend ID glide as this never drys up during long sessions. (Unlike other lubes) with ID glide you will never need to add more once you start.


    3) I’d recommend cumming inside but its totally up to you.

    4) As others have mentioned you keep strokers clean by running water through them, just under the sink. In the 5 years I’ve never had any noticeable smells building up either in the stroker or on my penis.

    5) Yeah I suppose strokers must have a shelf life like everything else but I’ve never thrown any out due to being knacked. Put it this way, if you use one enough to wear it out to shreds, it means you love using it and you’ll probably won’t resent ordering a fresh one.

    Some fantastic strokers are available for under £20 and the starter bag this weekend looks like a great intro, as if you don’t like the stroker , the bag has lots of other things for you.

    Let us know how you get on matey!

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