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    I am completely new to this website and I have never had a sex toy before. I wasn't really bothered by sex toys, but since finding out I got into university, I thought about the independence I'll have and the fact I have my own debit card. Lately, I've been finding masturbation boring, as it takes a damn long time to achieve orgasm and it doesn't feel intense egough for my liking. I've read about how anal play can help to achieve much more intense orgasm providing the prostate gland is stimulated.

    So now I'm considering to buy this poisonous beaut: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=8582

    I know it doesn't do terrible damage on one who uses it, but I don't exactly know what the effects of phthalates is, despite searching for it. I'm just concerned about my long term health and I don't want to be using something which will have terrible effects in the future. I am really disappointed that this contains phthalates because I prefer the look and thought of penis shaped dildos and butt plugs, but I'm not gay or bisexual. I just want the feel the real thing without a man attached to the end and I feel it'd be better than basic butt plugs which are completely smooth and plain looking.

    So I want to know what effects phthalates have on people's health and if it's okay for me to use this butt plug (and yes, I know it's important to use lube and to clean it, and that it's best to use a douche so that there isn't a mess afterwards).

    Anyway, thank you for reading this long post and for any answers you can give me.

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    Phthalates are a slightly contentious issue in that they are near enough Everywhere and you will have been exposed to them through a lot of the flexable plastics you are around in everyday life.

    As far as I am aware, phthalates, when they are inside the body block the receptors of certain types of hormones and that and can effect the body in lots of different ways, including leading towards types of cancers. The contention lies in just how much of a risk they have and whether constant exposure to phthalates in everday life is going to over-ride any avoidance of phthalates in sex toys ect.

    My personal view is that if it's easily marked for me and it's a choice right there in front of me, it's best to be safe and avoid them. Rubber really isn't the most fantastic material for long term toys anyway to be honest.

    Have you thought about maybe having a look through the dildo department? There are lots of anal safe, realistically (or semi-realistic) dildos that are made from many different materials that may be more suitable for you. =)

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    Thanks for the response.

    I guess I'd be best steering away from that then. How disappointing... I've had a VERY good look at the selection of dildos. I think I spent a good few hours doing that. I have two in my wishlist that are phthalate free, of which one of them looks incredibly realistic and is £40. I think I'll go for something at £10 to start off with, though.

    Ah, there aren't much at all around £10! I'll go for the £16 one in my wishlist!

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