• sex toy materials (skin safe rubber)

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    I have been reading on lh about the different sex toy materials and their propertirs etc.

    In particular I purchased recently (not from here though, so sorry lh ) a dildo made of skin safe rubber (tpe), it is phtalate free but I was just wondering if it is also non-porous? I know tpr rubber is but I'm not sure about tpe? I was thinkng of sending it back as it has a slight off putting smell to it but I assume it's not uncommon with this type material. I usually only buy 100% pure silicone toys but the design of this one particularly appealed to me.



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    I really don't know with stuff like this. I have heard of Non-porous TPE, but I have no idea of that is a special mixture used to make it non-porous or if that is just a property of TPE.

    The irritating thing is that TPE is basically the same as TPR, and i've heard of TPR toys that are extremely porous.

    I don't like these materials because they are essential mystery mixes and who knows what's in them?

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    I bought a vibrator off here made from TPE and have been looking for info on allergens in these because every time i use it im irritated/itchy and prone to infection afterwards, its a bloody good vibrator too which makes it more irritating haha For a while i wasnt sure if it was a lack of lubricant but even using tonnes it aggravates me. I am only able to use water based lubricants anyway as sensitive to others though!

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    If a toy smells chemical, I wouldn't even put it in my body. Since discovering Lovehoney I stay away from anything other than plastic, silicone, glass etc. I've had a jelly rubber and a PVC toy - both have since been discarded.

    I'd recommend reading Dangerous Lily's blog as she has lots of posts about sex toy safety, materials etc. x

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    Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) are essentially the same thing, it's just that TPE has been softened more in the production process. They're both porous and therefore can't be fully sanitised

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