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  1. Do you or your partner own a stroker?

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    Yep, tried both the TC Sensation stroker and a Fleshlight.

    The stroker definitely suited me better, although it is a bit of a performance to use compared to toy-free play. I'd recommend trying them to anyone (male!), particularly since they're such good value.

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    I used to own this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=15678 it lasted about three months, now I have this instead http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=14722 & I have to say it is absolutely fantastic, although I don't use it on a regular basis, my oh doesn't really want to use it on me.

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    Not yet but I do plan on getting one. My girl loves using her hands on my cock and this could be quite fun to throw into the mix. Gonna get a see through one so she can still see it. By the way, is it not difficult to get all the cum out of these things or is it best to pull out before you ejaculate?

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    Ooooo! Just came accross this thread. I ordered one of these as a suprise for my husband - it's on the way in the post now. I ordered it on a whim as I felt it would only be fair for him to get a toy when I got some for myself too. Sounds like majority likes them & I'm looking forward to see what my man thinks of it now too!

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    Tenga flips and Tenga Airs are both really easy to clean. You just flip them open and give them a good wash through with soap and water. The only thing difficult is drying because they have so much texture and water can get trapped in the pockets. I tend to take a soft cloth and a hair dryer to them just to speed it up, but you can leave them to air dry if privacy isn't an issue.

    Cleaning my fleshlight was a bit of a nightmare. You have to wash the sleeve and the case and the cap seperately, and because they don't suggest using soap on the material I never felt it was very clean. It's also a bugger to dry, because unlike the tenga toys you can't open it up to make sure you've got everything and let air in.

    The material is very nice feeling though, so it's just a case of how much effort you are willing to put in. =)

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    DareDevil wrote:

    Do I use strokers? Are you kidding? I’m the stoker king! I bought my very first stroker (through Love Honey 5 years ago back in 2006. My first ever sex toy) and since then I’ve haven’t looked back. Almost every masturbation session I’ve had since then I’ve used a stroker to do it! And yes I get through a lot of lube.

    I started out using the more simple and cheap strokers. Although some of these are great, I soon moved on to using the fleshlight, tenga and utensil race products. I really recommend the utensil race products in particular.

    Back in 2006 I felt a little bit uncomfortable about using strokers. Like I was doing something only a sex pervert would do. It reminded me a little of the guilt I felt when I first started masturbating as a young teen. I think what was behind my guilt (both when I started masturbating and when I started using strokers) was the idea that I should be saving myself for real sex and that real sex would not be as good if I kept on wanking/ wanking using the strokers.

    But using them felt so good such thoughts were forgotten about quickly. Now my attitude is that life is for living and wanking with strokers is another sexual experience for me to enjoy. Some of the sessions I’ve experienced with using, for example utensil race products, have been mind blowing and not something that could ever be replicated with a partner. I now wish I had started using them earlier when I was even hornier By not using strokers I would have missed out on so much. I now see sex with a partner and a pleasurable and intense act that brings me closer to someone. Both are good.

    In 2011 I think using wank toys (my preferred term) is still a big secret but getting out there. Fleshlight claim they have sold over 4 million units, (They can’t all have been to me). The film maker Kevin Smith talks openly and repeatedly about his fleshlight use. I’ve heard fleshlights being talked about on videogame podcasts (though no one had the balls to say they used one.)

    I’ve never mentioned my use to other men. I do wonder if any one of my friends, co workers, people I interact with through my job use them. I also wonder how my good friends would react if I bought them one as a present.

    The new strokers from lovehoney themselves look great I’d love to give them a try.

    All this talk of strokers!!! For those of you so inclined I have a photo of all my wank toys in one place. Lined up in a row. Maybe I’m mad but I kind of feel like showing off my collection. You’ve been warned! I didn’t make you look!


    Really interesting insight, especially about the guilt. I think there's definitely more of a taboo around male masturbators than there is around female toys.

    Love the pic - especially the tissues and lube in the background! I hope you took advantage of the DOTD the other day where there was a litre of ID Glide half price

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