1. Hiding toys from your parents :)

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    So far they have just been well buried in my underwear drawers but I'm going to have to get a lockable box as I now have a few and I really don't want my mum knowing I have a a dildo. 

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    Mine are in a padded Bosch tool box with lockable catches on, it wouldnt fit any new toys though.

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    4Uonly wrote:

    Was tidying up my daughter's bed and found a bullet vibrator under her blanket. Got to pretend that I didn't know what I have discovered. Definitely she has grown up hasn't she?

    Don't we all dont we all.

    A really embarressing story, not told it to any one really. I am blaming the wine now.

    I was young and working shift work for a particular organisation, which is very popular at these times.  During those early years I lived at home with my mother, yea I had not fled the nest yet but I was young. During that time I was quite a bit of a lad who enjoyed chatting to and getting to know young ladies. One particular lady who just happened to end up spending the night in my bedroom had left in the morning, prior to me getting my head together and actually learning how to walk and talk again.

    As I stumbled down the hallway I could over hear my mother saying "Looks like-my name-has more fun on nights than we thought he does.

    My stupid but lovable dog had picked up a condom took it to my mum, dropped it in front of her as if to say "Look what your son gets upto" Stupid but lovable Dog then ran back to me with a grin as if to say "I dare you love another female aside from me again" 

    Needless to say I died that day.

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    Back when I lived with my family, I hid all my Lovehoney dildos, rabbits and vibrators as well as my pacifier collection in my sock and underwear box in the closet under my brother’s clothes. I’d bury them to the bottom too. Pretty sure I hid my weed and bong in there too.

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    If you pull the bottom draw all the way out of a chest of draws there is normally a space under the draw that no one can get to or see without removing the draw. My now wife has a very nosey mother and this is where we use to keep all her toys as there was plenty of room there.

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    I keep mine in a box with a lock on it and keep keys with me at all times. I have 2 nosey parents and I value my privacy ALOT

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    You can get some small light plastic tool boxes  from B&Q etc  of various sizes  with a padlock loop you can lock that could discreetly conceal in a holdall ? Looks normal,  anyone asks it's toys lol

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