1. We Vibe Positions

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    Just received our we vibe yesterday and gave it a go. We tried missionary and doggy style. I prefered it doggy style as it didn't move around so much but during missionary it kept moving about.

    What's everyones experiences with it and what did you find it used best for and also what positions did you enjoy it most with?


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    You can keep the we-vibe in position with a condom over the penis and the external end of the toy. Though of course this is only advisable if you don't use a condom as a form of protection as the toy lets in too much air etc.

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    We have had a we-vibe for the past two years and you can use it in most positions but we do find that it tends to be more secure in some than in others. Its interesting that you say it moved around more in doggy style than missionary for you. We're exactly the opposite! I tend to find it moves more and can sort of catch me a bit in doggy.

    Woman on top works well for us as you can grind away a bit and its easy to reach it if you want to move it slightly. One or two legs up on the mans shoulder from missionary can be good too.

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    We have the same problem with it slipping about a bit too.

    We find 'face to face' positions work the best. Its feels good in doggy position but i have to hold it against me quite a lot.

    Thanks for the tip Nymph, i'll definitely give the condom idea a go :o)

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