1. Giving a toy as a gift? Good idea? Scary horrible terrible idea?

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    silverdrop wrote:

    I just got the mad idea to give my mom and sister each one of the Shag Factory bullet vibes (the Love and Peace ones) and leave it up to them whether to use it personally or with their husbands.

    I have one of the Shag Factory bullets and I think they're quirky and fun, so long as you're prepared for 'the worst' (whatever that may be for you) - it's not like you're giving them 12" veiny dildo's!

    I've bought single female friends bullets in the past as part of a birthday goody bag - it's usually received with lots of giggling, then I'll get a text a few days later hinting at the fact they now appreciate my present! I think a toy 'makes sense' when combined with a few other treats.

    Maybe you could add a gift tag with a groovy message of some kind, and play on the fact you saw the Shag Factory range and thought of them, rather than saw some bullets and thought of them - y'know, play on the 70's theme a bit?


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    yeah bit hard for a boy to have him sent though

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    BigPoppa wrote:

    The Nymphomaniac wrote:

    I'm happy to provide my sisters with toys, books, lube, condoms, etc all related to sex. They actually think it's cool. When ever I get a freebie it often goes to them.

    Friends have been use to me providing them with random sex related gifts for so many years now that even some of them ask for a new rabbit or lube for xmas or their birthday.

    I'm happy to give gifts like this to most people, and most people are aware it's part of being me as I've always done a lot of research on sex psychology, sexology, etc.

    I wouldn't give my mother a toy as a gift though. Even though she has a lot of erotic books and is an artist who makes/ paints erotic things I believe she is abl enough to pick and choose herself. I've considered buying her erotic novels before, but have came to the conclusion I don't want to incourager her imagination too much as she really does have this big idea a white knight will come and save her one day, trust me it's so big in her mind adding to this would be bad for us as(me and my siblings) her children to cope with it, lol.

    All I will say is that only you can tell if you will be able to give a sex related item to a relative.

    How did you get into this? Its something I'm interested in to but wonder if it might risk mixing academia and pleasure and so reduce my enjoyment. Any tips on a gentle introduction to these areas perhaps?

    Would really appreciate your advice

    It really depends what you are aiming for. I personally got into it while studying standard psychology books, finding facts/ studies within them and looking further. Often lead to psychologists, scientist etc that first studied the subject before 1920. After that really I started finding up to date research within the area such as Dr chua chee ann who defined the A-spot.

    I don't really look in one area though in all honesty, I look at mainly textbooks ranging from neulogoy, science, gynacology, psychology, english lit books, history, etc. There are some books which aren't too focused on scans, figures, timelines, etc... but personally I don't find these books interesting so wouldn't be able to suggest where to start. I've only lately been looking into popular sex experts such as Tristan Taormino, Tracey Cox's an similar, and don't really find the writing style's or advice as informative.

    Really without knowing how you wished to address the subjuct really there's not really much advise I could give you. Espically as I do focus mainly on statistics etc, rather than books that will offer genral advice.

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    I guess I'm interested in all aspects of it from the physiology to the psychology and also the cultural / society aspects too. I guess just a good deeper and broader understanding.

    Interesting the way you've done your reading. I tend to be a bit more lazy and like someone to have done all that groundwork for me and put it all together in a book. Just have to find the book!

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    Well... I am not sure if I would give something like that to my mom, although I came accorss some stuff in my parents bedroom (their fault they left it in the same drawer as the paper into the printer and scissors!), but not sure I would dare. As for my sister... I would likely. I know she knows I do have vibrator, as one evening when I was home she came in my room and I forgot it on my night table (ops) no embarrassement though, we can both talk openly to each other and she may consider getting one soon as well, so I would dare to her, although privately

    With the attitutes toward sex in your family I would likely be carefull and would consider if I would dare. And if I would, how I would pass such gifts. I would maybe talk about it first? Just possibly hint what they think of sex toys? Bullets? If it is possible to go into that subject.

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    I have bought a bullet for my sister in the past after a conversation how she would not know where to start buying herself a sex toy...I made a joke of the pressie and she took it well...in fact thanked me for it a few weeks later

    As for my mum...she still thinks sex is a dirty word...how she ever had 5 children i never know...the stork must be a special friend of hers lol

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    Now that I'm no longer high on painkillers, I have no idea what I was thinking. >.<

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    silverdrop wrote:

    Now that I'm no longer high on painkillers, I have no idea what I was thinking. >.<

    Thanks goodness you came off them beforehand then!

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    Silverdrop - assuming you've changed your mind since no longer on the meds; I'd give one to my sister but NEVER my Mother!!

    My sister would probably laugh, be a bit embarrassed and then go and use it secretly lol


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    Silverdrop as you've made up your mind (?) is thread closed? This probably no help wotsoever but i gave my best housemate friend a moving home gift of one of those vibrating sponges which she loves! Tho I have told her best not chew on it - she's pregnant and its her 'thing' at the mo! And I bet she has more of a clue about all my parcels that I keep getting................! Anyhows good luck wotever you decide to do xx

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