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  1. Mechanical Masterbation

    Droithock [sign in to see picture]
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    My OH wants to buy her first vibrator but is unsure what to start with. Any tips on types, best methods etc ? Any personal recommendations would be much appreciated as she's unsure with so many to chose from.

    HappyCouple [sign in to see picture]
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    Depends on what she is after... Doubt you can go too wrong with a rabbit, and the LH Jessica rabbit range is a reasonable price. If you are wanting something smaller, there are many good bullets out there.

    Best tip: choose something that she/both of you like the look of and then check that LH reviewers love it already. I generally look for stuff with more than 3 reviews 3 1/2 + stars if I am unsure. Read the best/worst parts of each review if you are in a rush.

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    As a very first toy I'd suggest something non-threatening such as the Ladyfinger or a bullet:



    As for bullets some of the 'Death by range' may be a good idea or one of the RO-80 toys.

    This one is in the sale, really powerful and has a finger hole so it can be used with a partner easily:


    For more reviews read this, exactly the same as above but more expensive without the sleeve!


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    Maybe something that isnt very intimidating such as a bullet vibe, which you can incorportae into sex as well so youre both involved....

    If youre looking for something so she can have some fun herself the Jessica rabbits, as HC suggested, are very popular. I myself have the JR G-spot and it is phenomonal.

    Jamba [sign in to see picture]
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    Yeah, I'd suggest a bullet if your worried about a full blown vibrator being too intimidating. But if she is very excited then it's likely that she want to take the step up to something like the Jessica rabbit. It comes highly recommended form niftyb :)

    Oh and don't let her hog it! Make sure she lets you use it on her too :D

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    Had GF's before that had toy collections but wasn't sure from a female perspective what wouldn't seem too over the top as a 1st vibe. Think I'm more excited to watch her using it than she is. She's not a majorly into DIY but I thought it might increase her libido so it would mutually beneficial as I climb the walls after a while with no interaction

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