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    I like the idea of an RC car motor with a 12 or 24v rechargeable battery for powering an egg, but i'm not sure how well it'd handle the vibration from the weight.. anyone fancy a project? :)

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    Yep my OH made a great fuck machine from some scrap mdf & broom handle. Its worked with a cordless drill. Has a stroke of 4" feels fantastic and the variable speed gives oh so slow-fast orgasmic strokes

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    oh i have not laughed so much in ages...the images running though my mind are totally insane

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    Nobody has mentioned clothes peg nipple clamps?! For shame They're the easiest DIY toy around. I suppose there's not much creativity involved, though.

    I keep meaning to get round to making a flogger out of an old pair of the boys jeans. Just slash the material at regular intervals, leaving a few inches of solid material, then wrap it round (whilst gluing) some thick dowel. Easy peasy. I've also been tempted to get some electrical tape to weave a whip or flogger, as well.

    Also got up to a bit of jiggery pokery with a female chastity belt to make it suitable for males. Couple of ways to make it work, but probably difficult to describe without diagrams.


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    try bulldog clips for nipple clamps so painfull mmmmm

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