1. Setting the mood for a sensual night with toys ( 1st time )

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    Right, I'm off to dig out those Rod Stewart cd's........

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    Lady-J wrote:.

    i think i just need to start trying things on to break the cycle of unsexiness!

    Oooh, is that the one with the basket on the front and the little panniers over the rear wheel? I hate that cycle...

    You could try bending the chain, or just give it a puncture.

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    being comfortable and relaxed is the best way to go here.

    a nice bath or shower is a good start, let P put your little un to bed and then relax with a favorite drink or music in the tub for a while

    candles and low level lighting is also a great idea. have you considered massage candles? they burn like normal ones but the oild can be used for massage http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/fun/sexy-gifts/massage-candles/ as has been said, just touching each other non sexually will help bring a connection and spark back.

    then move onto the toys if you wish, you don't need to use them all in the same evening, you dont even have to try them if you don't want. Just remember that you're taking positive steps and its a big acheivement.

    try the toys on non sexual areas first, like thighs, the neck, back of the legs ect. then move onto areas such as breasts, slowly building up to the genitals. try to be turned on before using the toys as it will help make them more pleasurable.

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    Thanks Sweetlove and Avrielle! Bath and music are coming up tops methinks lol!

    And Mr Monster... You sir are after my job as Forum Jester are you? ;)

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