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    Mr Belle came home with a new 'toy' the other night - not that we realised it at first.

    We'd got sick of the stereo, TV, bluray, DVD and all the other electrical stuff looking someone tipped a plate of spaghetti sdown the back, so he got some cable tidies from the local DIY shop. They are about 1 1/5 cm wide, and maybe 20 cm long, and look like sort of velvety material, but the front side sticks to the back just like velcro.

    We found you can link them together, and Mr Belle suddenly appeared with four or five all linked together and next thing Mrs Belle's legs were firmly tied together.

    We tried them in all sorts of positions, and even though they probably would break in extreme circumstances, they are great for play bondage, and re-usable too. They hold really well, and are totally adjustable, with no sharp edges. The way they interlink means you can probably make up interesting harnesses and things as well, and best of all, to remove all you do is pull a loose end just like normal velcro. Much less hassle than fiddling with buckles and belts right in the heat of passion!

    We got the small ones, but there are various sizes, and as they are pretty discreet looking things, you can carry them around without arousing suspicion.

    Probably someone has thought of this before, but we hadn't seen it, and we just couldn't keep this one to ourselves. The only thing we ask in exchange is details of what you get up to with them to give us ideas!


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