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    Mr Monster wrote:

    We've tried these - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16066

    read the review for our full thoughts, but basically they're pretty hot stuff. Stingy, ouchy, almost-didn't-like-it hot, in fact.

    Massage candles are warm and sensual, these are made to stimulate, not relax!

    In fact, I've played with ordinary candles in the past and don't remember them burning as hot as these ones. Might be worth experimenting, but be careful! The rule is (supposedly!) white melts cooler, coloured wax tends to be hotter when molten. These special candles are obviously designed to be safe despite the colour, but you may find something even cooler a more comfortable place to start exploring this type of play.

    Top tip - wax straight from the wick is HOT; to tone it down a little, either let it drip from a greater height (splashy, though!) or let it trickle down the side of the candle before it drips. In fact, don't know why we didn't try that ourselves. Guess I was just copying what I'd done with other candles before. Hmmm. Must try again.

    If only there was a clue to how hot they are in the name.

    I think Ad wants to try candles like this. Thank you for the review. We may one day try something a bit softer.

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    WandA wrote:

    Mr Monster wrote:

    We've tried these - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16066

    If only there was a clue to how hot they are in the name.

    back atcha!

    The Review Said:

    The low melting point ensures that the wax never burns or scalds but delivers a slight pang of pain and a wax moulding of your body too!

    Like I said, these were supposed to be cooler than ordinary candles. Maybe I just got lucky before, but they felt hotter than the one I'd tried. Not saying I won't use them again, but I'll make sure I'm in a very different frame of mind before we light them up. Other people didn't seem to have a problem with them, so it's probably down to my expectations and not easing into the pain play properly. We learn from our mistakes, particularly those involving hot wax!

    (Damn it! I'm feeling all twitchy now - I want to get the candles out and see if I can do better this time. Grrrr.)

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