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  1. Finding a pump that fits me

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    This a what I just sent to customer service, hopefully someone here will be able to give a few pointers as well.

    Hi there, I'm going to buy a penis pump however I need to be absolutely certain that is has a cylinder size of 2.25 inches x 8+ inches to match my penis... hopefully you have one for sale at LoveHoney.. else I will have to search around further :/

    An experienced penis pumper has given me some advice:

    A big key is cylinder size - this is extremely important. Too small and you get no expansion - too big and you run the risk of injury and discomfort with having your balls sucked in. There are tubes specifically for that purpose (combo cylinders) but unless that's your aim, you need to ensure correct sizing. Easiest thing to do is follow the instructions on the (censored) site for measuring. One caveat: it says measure NEAR the base but you should measure as close to the base as possible. This will help prevent 'ball suckage' (what a weird term )

    FYI: Pumping does work if you do it properly with size matched gear. Results are improved by having a consistent routine. e.g. 3-4 times a week... of course beginners must build up slowly to this level.. eventually.. the "results" can persist for up to 24 hours (the pumping sessions now becoming more of a maintenance task), with the possibility of some permanent gains.

    There are plenty of suppliers in the USA.. not mentioning names here.. that do size matching..

    looking for a UK supplier.. otherwise I'm going to have too import :s

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