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  1. Trying new naughty boy prostate massager

    navman [sign in to see picture]
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    Recieved my new toy couple of days ago but had to wait a hole day to try it which added to fun me thinks . Got in from the pub last nite and thought i would give it try . Was a bit nerves as never tryed anything like it before , got everything ready and put some porn on then lubed the toy up and lined it up an pushed . Was not that easy to get in but as i'd had a few beers i think it helped , once it was in it felt nice but very diffrent , Then i turned it on ...... first thought was wow thats in the rite place then as it was late and my lodger is in the next bedroom i thought fcuk its a bit loud . Sod it it my toy and i can play when i want ! I could feel myself getting more and more turned on then started thinking about the noise again , carried on for 15 mins or so but it was spoilt cos my mind was not fully on the job so decided to stop and wait for another time wen lodger is out so i can relax a bit more . In the morning got up for work and my lodger was in the lounge and says to me , did you hear there the girl from upstairs last nite ,, me "no wot was she doing ? " He replies " all i could hear was a buzzing , reckon she's gone got her self a vibrator . " I had to turn away with a grin on my face , got away with that one . He's off out tonite so cant wait

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