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    Hey buds,

    I have just ordered a fleshlight, Tera Patrick. Judging by the picture, it looks amazing and very much like her real pussy that I have seen in several of her movies.

    Has anyone here tried giving oral to their FL? I know it sounds weird, but when I go down on a woman, it does really get me going, so when I have seen the picture of the Tera Patrick Fleshlight I thought it looked so hot that I am sure I will give it a go.

    Any ideas about this? Or am I the only perv on here? haha


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    I can't say I've ever tried that, not sure I ever will either. But you're definately not the only pervert around here, there are hundreds of us! Welcome to the forums too.

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    Never considered giving oral to my FL but I guess its just not much tempted with the cyberskin material just wont be the same but thats me tell me if its any good?

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    I would suggest using a flavoured lube as the material may nor taste very nice. You could also warm the fleshlight insert in warm water first so that it is more realistic? X

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    Ah I thought this thread was going to be on the mouth orifices. I've never given my Fleshlight oral before but I'm sure I heard of a few people doing it on the official Fleshlight forums. I don't see why anything would be wrong with doing it if it pleases you. Although I dare say with how good the textures feel on the inside you'll probably want to jump straight in.

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    Only just noticed this thread.

    I too *love* giving oral sex to my (female) OH.

    Just to check, I just had a go at licking my Tera Patrick Fleshlight but it doesn't taste of anything very much and feels nothing like moist, excited, delicious ladybits.

    If you want to simulate the feel of giving oral sex then get some oysters. That's far closer to the real thing. Just make sure they're really fresh and don't 'reuse' them - oyster food poisoning is very, very bad.

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    One of the reasons I'm tempted to buy a FL over a Tenga is because of the pussy.

    I like to suck my dildos as if they were a man (I love to give oral, really gets me going) so I figured doing the same to a fleshlight wouldn't be too far off of a similar experience.

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