1. Pony Play??

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    Oh, I forgot

    One more thing Lovehoney people. Be careful, and play safe, have a safe word or sign.

    Dobbin has a bit in his mouth, so can't speak, so we decided that when he has had enough he should tap his right hand/hoof on the floor. First time however he tapped, I hadn't yet cum, so I ignored him, he tried to carry on furiously tapping his hand, until he eventually collapsed under me. I was furious with him, I had a right go at him and hit him aswell. I was getting enjoyment, not realising or understanding that he is under pressure beneath me.

    He now taps a couple of minutes before he can take no more, which is a sign for me to start building my cum. I still ignore it now and again, I like to see how far I can take him, lol, but generally I take notice.

    Seriously though, have the safe sign or word. Experienced BDSMers already know this, but just advice for any newbies starting on their BDSM journey.

    Have fun. Bullybabe

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