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  1. Do you play video games?

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    Hi every 1 I know this is a little off topic but we have been discussing video games. I’ve grown up with video games round me since I was very young. I have loved watching them develop in to the marvels they are these days. Really excited about the release of project natal this year for Xbox 360. As this is issuing in a new generation of games and how we play which get me very excited. Think of a wii but without the controllers for it. Anyway enough waffling on to the point. My gf used to hope I would give up video games, she has enjoyed some herself but not until recently has she realised it’s something I’ll probably never grow out of it? So what I’m wondering is :
    • Do you play video games?
    • How old are you? And if you’re male or female?
    • What console do you own?
    • Favourite video game at the moment?
    • Retro or new video games what you prefer?
    • What is your opinions on video games even if you’re not a gamer be interesting to know?
    • Do you think you'll ever grow out of them?
    Can’t wait to see what every 1 else has to say thanks a lot guys. Lots of love SSC XXXXX

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