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  1. Can't find my hubbies prostate (blush)

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    Hi everyone,

    After a long time away from the boudoir my hubby and I are heating things up again and (thank god) trying a few new things out (WOOHOO). I finallly convinced him to let me try to find his prostate ( only took me about 7 years persuasion lol) only to find that I can't find it! Consequently whilst he enjoyed it it wasn't quite as earth shattering for him as I hoped it would be. I did plenty of massage externally beforehand and he allowed me in after a while. I used my first finger as far as it would go but nothing.

    I've been taking a look at the Njoy prostate massager and that seems to be longer than my finger. Could it be I am just not far enough in?

    Would really appreciate any advice.


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