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  1. Urethral sounding

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    I had a good old search-a-roo but after about a dozen pages there didn't seem to be anything of the sorts already, so please refrain from any wrist slapping if there is a hidden bounty of threads on the 13th page.

    I've recently been watching a few videos of people sounding and always wondered what it was like, having a look at our favourite sex toy website I notice that a proper set of medical sounds cost around £50 which is a pretty big investment just to try something out for the first time. Though I'm also wary that some improvised 'explorative devices' may not be wholly appropriate [insert horrendous x-ray image of object stuck in penis here]. That said, it might be a good place to start before getting a proper set of sounds and doing it all by the book.

    Are there any guys or ladies out there who have given it a go and want to indulge us in first hand experience tales?


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