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    Ian Chimp [sign in to see picture]
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    Rabbits are probably the trickiest toy to choose from as they all have various elements that can make some fit better than others. I'm wondering how people go about choosing them and whether there's anything I can include in a review that would make it easier? Has anyone read a rabbit review where someone has really nailed the description of the dimensions, etc? If not, what would people find useful? Or what problems have people had that they wish they could've been warned about?

    Thanks 🙂👍

    Talia [sign in to see picture]
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    The one time I incuded dimensions in a review they were removed by LH as a matter of policy. The reason given was something like "We can't be sure they are accurate without checking and we don't have the time to check."

    I go by the look of the toy and I used to love the videos showing the strength of the vibrations. Fortunately I haven't had to buy anything in a rather long time, but if I have to in the future I'll probably go by brand.

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    Rabbits are definitely one of the hardest sex toys to buy (if not the hardest).

    The most helpful things I can think of (in no particular order) are:

    When you buy a rabbit, try to always review it. Have a simple line saying something like “this shape worked for me/my oh/us”. I don’t always take reviews at face value anyway, so I tend to browse what else that person has reviewed to see if we have similar tastes. If we have bought any of the same rabbits and have similar opinions about the shape then that will help make my decision (although of course will not guarantee the rabbit will work)

    Try to mention a rabbit that does work for you. I don’t need a comparison against every rabbit going but if you have a rabbit that works best based on shape, it doesn’t hurt mentioning that briefly. Similar reason to the above. If you don’t want to mention particular rabbits, you can describe the type of rabbit that does normally work for you (straight shafts, short shafts, beads that bulge out, actual ear style designs etc)

    Flexibility is often key. How much room to manoeuvre is there? Internally and externally. It may hit the users sweet spots but would you be able to move it up or down a little.

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    I guess sometimes you just have to try and take the leap. My first rabbit was a straight shaft and my second one was curved. I enjoyed the curved one much more so that's what I look for from now on. 

    I think for me, describing the "ears" is a good way to judge whether it would be suitable or not. Are they soft or firm? Strong or weak vibes? I think I've been lucky with my rabbits as they all fit me except for one and they are all quite different. The one I didn't like had very bendy ears so it wouldn't put enough pressure on my clitoris to give much pleasure, for example. 

    You are right, though. Rabbits are not one size fits all and what may be amazing for one person could me "meh" for another. 

    Ian Chimp [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks for the feedback. 🙂👍

    My genius sex toy idea this week is some little silicone or plastic spacers in various diameters to jam under the rabbit section so you can change the angle without having to have super thumbs. 🙂

    Smultron [sign in to see picture]
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    Great idea and questions, Ian!

    When buying a rabbit, I mainly look at the photos and do my best to guess if it will fit my anatomy or not. I check the reviews to read about other elements, like for example firmness, material feel and how strong the vibrations are.

    However, when it comes to how well it ''fits'' each vulva, I don't think there's an easy way to objectively leave such info in a review. When reviewing a rabbit, I write if it fit (or didn't fit) my anatomy and why (just perfect, too short, or too long).

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