1. Anywhere usual you have used your toys?

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    I travel for business quite often and can be away Monday to Friday so I started taking a toy or two with me to take care of my needs. I've also taking toys on holiday with my boyfriend and once on a hen do as it was the full week. Does anyone else use their toys outside the bedroom?

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    I have taken a couple of toys on holiday in the past, usually just a bullet or something small that won't raise suspicion on the x-ray scanner. I usually take a couple of toys away if going away for a weekin this country. As for outside the bedroom I have a remote controlled egg that my partner likes me to use if we're going out anywhere noisy. Also if we go out in the car for a little fun i'll take my little battery operated magic wand, it's not as powerful as the mains one but surprisingly packs quite a punch.

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    I only have my teddy babe doll, for the bedroom or the lounge. Recently i have been looking at masterbators, cock rings, butt plugs, but not sure where to begin.


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    If we go away anywhere in this country, I will take some of my favourite toys definitely!!

    I have took sexy 'red' lingerie abroad (on my hols) before though. x 💚

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    I used a quiet vibrating butt plug on the train from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, with a stop over in Dundee. 3 hour journey. When I got to Edinburgh my wife sucked me off in a quiet corner of John Lewis. It took about 5 seconds before I started but there was so much it took about a minute before I'd finished cumming. It was pretty seriously amazing. First time she's ever struggled to keep it all in her mouth.

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