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  1. Vintage Vibes - Beautiful Posters! (plus a hysterical uterus)

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    I would like to see a return to some old school (real old school) advertising for sex toys.

    Voila: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_9C2xlFBFLk0/SuxeqDIWkWI/AAAAAAAAAKE/PaDmfw2Xe2s/s1600-h/tumblr_kpz8iinokH1qztiu5o1_500.jpg

    The industy's move away from plastic packaging with naked women and pony tail dudes on the front has encouraged a lot of trendy packaging (thanks Bottle Rocket) but I think it's time again for hand painted ink drawings.

    The history around these early contraptions says a lot about society's attitudes towards women.

    This particular device was perscribed for 'hysteria.' Hysteria comes from the Greek word for uterus and doctors believed it was caused by pent up sexual energy, so nuns and singletons were placed in the high risk group. By the Victorian era, physicians were gearing up for a pandemic.

    Their cure? Clitoral orgasm. (the alternative was bland food and seclusion)

    This was a remedy dating back to the first century AD. Typically woman would visit a doctor who induced 'paroxysm' with pelvic massage. Uhuh.....But doctors found it time consuming and repetitive so often passed the job onto midwives.

    Along came electricity, the first patented electromechanical vibe and doctors jumped on board. Health spas started offering 'vibration treatments' and needlework catalogues were advertising models to buy for the home. Wikipedia shows some startling 'water treatments' too.

    This makes the vibrator the fifth electrical appliance for the home. After the sewing machine, the fan, the tea kettle and the toaster.

    It's medical legitimacy dropped when Freud came along in the 20s and proved paroxysm to be sexual. It took until 1952 for 'hysteria' to be dropped by the American Psychiatric Association and next time the vibrator came into vogue women wouldn't have to be classed as 'ill' to experience battery powered pleasure.

    See wikipedia for the oddness http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_hysteria

    Happy disease curing.

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