1. I want to peg my husband

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    Hi all, Some advice please, I want to peg my husband, I think he is open to it! What would be the best strapless strap on bearing I mind we are beginners but that I really get off on clitoral stimulation, also don’t want to split his ass. Thanks All x x

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    We got the lovehoney basic set up....it's awesome.  I love being pegged...not love.......dream/desire/yearn/beg....it's amazing. But the basic starter is amazing.

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    Has he had any experience of this before do you know? What about a beginner set?

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    No experience for either of us, is the beginner one strapless and does it have clit stink x x

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    There are literally dozens of threads on this subject. here's the search page for pegging. 


    And here 's are some pages for anal sex if you need some help getting into anal play.




    If you need clit stimulation I think a harness strapon would be best as most of them come with a small pocket to take a bullet vibe, for just this reason.

    Something like this https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28425 or this. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=30701 

    If he's new to anal play I would start with basic anal play to get him used to it, before you get into pegging.

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    I wouldn’t recommend a strapless strap on to a beginner. They take quite a bit of practice (and good kegal muscles) to master. You would be better with a harness so you get used to controlling the dildo. This set https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28425 has a pocket in the front to put a bullet in for you. Alternatively you could look for a toy that might stay out across your vulva with the help of the harness, something like the clitoral caress https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=38231 , something pebble shaped, something like a we vibe or a smaller Womanizer like the Starlet or similar. Depends on what toys you already have and what you want to spend really.

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    You may find jiggle balls or a love egg would add to the pegging experience, even though you prefere clit stimulation.




    Strapless strapons are notorious for being difficult to keep in for pegging, due to the tightness of the anus. Some people say you can wear them with pegging briefs to help keep them in. Most strapless ones do have a bullet socket but it will not stimulate your clit.

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    Go for a strap on and perhaps some love eggs for yourself then you will all strapped up for some solid banging and have stimulation yourself although if like my wife you will most likely orgasm anyway just from banging your husband anyway. Being pegged is fantastic.

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    We are great fans of the “strapless” type but they should really just be called double-ended as, in our experience, they all need a harness. It might seem like they lose their point for existence by needing a harness but this overlooks the fact that they create an unbeatable connection between you. With a harness they really provide both G-spot and clit stimulation for the wearer.

    There is a very good article by Ruby Ryder on the topic of “strapless” dildos and you might like to google it as it explains things far better than I can here. However, there is no doubt that the wearer can feel way more and react. During penetration you can feel when the receiver relaxes for it and slide in at the perfect moment without any other communication. They are worth the trouble just for that.

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    We find the easiest type of harness to use for pegging are the harness briefs from Lovehoney or Packer Gear.


    some of them have an internal pocket for a bullet vibrator too.

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