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    Hello Guys.

    First of all, I did a search, but most of the threads are quite old and the links don't work.

    I'm pondering whether to add a stroker to my collection. I already have a Tenga flip hole and egg.

    Ideally I'd like a clear one, that is reversible for easy cleaning. I don't want to have to mess about with re-newer powder either really or is that just for fleshlights?

    Is the feeling of them really that good? I have the love honey water based lube, assume that will be OK?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Your water based lube will be good for all strokers.

    As regards sensations from strokers, it can vary person to person. For example, how sensitive is your penis? If it's super sensitive or not very sensitive at all then you'll probably ntice little difference in the sensations offered by different strokers compared to the flip hole and the tenga egg. However if you're somewhere in between, then you'll probably notice some subtle differences.

    Not all masturbations toys require renewal powder, generally speaking, that's just for toys that claim to be real feel such as UR3. If the stroker feels slightly tacky/sticky out of the box then it needs powder.

    Strokers like this one https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=36141, are made of TPE and shouldn't require renewal powder, although they won't have an unlimited life, you'll do well to store it somewhere it can't touch other plastics.

    For my personal experience, tenga eggs are great cos they are thin and you can apply pressure and really feel the different surface textures and pressures, strokers offer a more rigid sleeve to masturbate with, so resist the squeeze a little. In my honest opinion, it's worth getting one of each type of toy so you can use whatever takes your fancy!!

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    Tenga Zen is good, it’s not see-through but it does contour so you can see.  Its well designed, throughout,  stretchy, reusable with a good reuse life and easy to clean. Yiu don’t need renewal powder because the case separates the edges of the toy to stop it sticking. They look like a piece of modern art too. In my experience the TPE sleeves aren’t very stretchy and when they’re too tight they really bruise.

    I can only use the Tenga Zens, Spirals & eggs (But eggs split after 2 goes 😔) and Fleshlight ladies but I did test a Tenga flip zero, it wasn’t big enough for me and was really bulky & heavy.

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