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    Hello, I'm writing this to ask anyone who's used a Womanizer before.. what's you're honest opinion?

    ive read so many good reviews and watched so many videos about how amazing it is. But not seen one bad review on it... which for me I just don't trust, I've never come across a toy without one bad review and I don't believe it to be possible. Surely someone who's used it doesn't understand the hype.

    im considering me and my girlfriend getting it but due to the price we're going to keep researching for a couple of months. It's too much to spend and not enjoy lol

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    I will say that all of the reviews here at Lovehoney are people’s honest opinions so for lots of people, the range of Womanizers have been great.

    However I have seen and read multiple reviews where people haven’t gotten along with the type of stimulation the Womanizer models provide. My reviews for most of the models have been positive overall but I always mention that this type of technology isn’t for everyone and won’t work for all bodies. It’s very different to the feeling of vibration and it can take some getting used to.

    Which Womanizer are you looking to buy? Maybe some of us on the forum can address specific concerns you have. For example, the W500 is the most expensive of the bunch and the shape of that one and awful buttons were frustrating for me although I liked the sensations. The newer models are better I think.

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    We have 3. They all work really well and all 3 always result in explosive orgasms for her. She has never not had an orgasm using one of the Womanizer toys and they get used quite a lot.

    I like using them on her in conjunction with oral or penetrative sex because she loves it , has really intense orgasms and because her internal muscles go mad this feels great for me.

    For review purposes I don’t mix stuff up e.g a Womanizer with my cock or with a vaginal toy because if I was reading our reviews, I would like to know that the review is based solely by on the merits of that toy not on what else was going on in the background that was left unsaid and that could have skewed the review but I will say that after the reviews we get a lot more imaginative and the Womanizers continue to shine.

    If I knew then what I know now I would have bought the pro40 though so that’s my advice to you. All the Womanizers we have tried have been excellent but they mostly fulfill different niches. We have the starlet, it’s great but it’s not waterproof and our experience is that water adds an entirely new sensation.

    We have the W500 which is great, waterproof and has all the bells and whistles but I’m not sure what this offers that the pro40 doesn’t and it’s £60 more expensive, even the silicon nozzles are the same. I bought the W500 because it’s pretty, covered in flowers and I thought Mrs Pheebs would be more accepting of it but in reality it made no difference.

    And we have the inside out which she finds very intense this is the best for solo play is but it limits couple play.

    Mrs Pheebs doesn’t get on with buzzy vibrators so although bullets like the Tango can be fun, she finds them a little intense so for us the Womanizers were a massive eye opener for clitoral sex toys.

    Im not telling you to get one but I will say I don’t pull punches with reviews because I feel a level of responsibility for this community & it would annoy me knowing people were reviewing for the sake of braiding freebies and not because they are genuinely interested in an item and want to share their experience with the community. I have reviewed several items and the results have been brutal but I have faith the LH team trust me to do what is right for the community and for them so I keep on going.

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    I've only used the Starlet but my honest opinion, as reflected in my equally honest review on here, is that it's pretty much an amazing wee toy and I'm not surprised it's tough to find completely negative reviews. As NatandTom pointed out they are so different to other toys and I think that's the biggest potential draw back but the stimulation does genuinely seem to work for a lot of people. There have been a lot of different Womanizer models released and I definitely remember reading more bad reviews about the older models than the newer ones, seems they are learning and improving with each new model.

    Research before you buy is a great idea but don't forget if you get one and don't get on with it (how can you really know till you try it eh?) don't forget you can exchange it for something of similar value under Lovehoney's Sex Toy Happiness Guaruntee :)

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    I love mine, i was given the starlet to review and it has changed my life lol

    its wonderful to be able to have suction during masturbation, it makes me squirt and squirt a lot too !!

    I have really good hard orgasms when i use the womanizer as well as this glass dildo https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=30941 - which is on offer atm !!


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    I have just gone back and read my reviews for the Womanizer Starlet, Womanizer W100 (discontinued) and the Fifty Shades Freed Sweet Release and I stand by my reviews of all of them. My favourite of the three is deifnitely the Starlet.

    I do understand where you are coming from with not trusting only positive reviews. You will find a couple of negative reviews on Lovehoney, and if you google "womanizer negative review" you will find a few more. However, many of the negative reviews come from the older models. I do think Womanizer have listened to feedback and perfected the technology over the years. Although this type of toy seems to be the big hype at the moment, Womanizer have been around for quite a while now and they are also not the only name in the market. My Starlet is certainly better than my W100.

    Personally, I do not think any sex toy will work for everyone and unfortunately the only way you'll know if it works for you is to try for yourself. One example of hype is the magic wand. Lovehoney's classic mains powered wand in white has almost 1200 5 star reviews (out of 1340 reviews). Magic wands have an almost cult status in terms of sex toys, yet they don't work for everyone. There are 16 people who have given it a 1 star review and 10 giving it a 2 star review. 1314/1340 is pretty good odds that you would like the toy, but that doesn't mean you won't be in the group of 26 who just didn't get on with. (My figures are simply from the breakdown box at the start of the reviews, I haven't actually read the reviews).

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