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  1. Suitable toys for work

    Saphira [sign in to see picture]
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    This gave me a giggle. I work in high security and even staff are searched regularly. I just had this image of getting wanded and setting it off and having to go for a full search over some love eggs. No way to live that one down haha

    Laveila [sign in to see picture]
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    Trine wrote:

    Good shout on the zip bag, that thought had not crossed my mind.. imagine getting caught washing it in the work sink!

    "Honestly sir, its from my mortar and pesto set" >.<

    This could potentially be avoided, depending how the toilets are built. At my office there is at least one per floor, which has the sink directly inside the cubicle. It is for disabled, but we do not have anyone on a wheelchair in the office, so it is used by ladies - it comes also bit handy when I am on menstruation. Plus when I wear ben wa balls, this is a good to have as well.

    I would personally avoid anything vibrating at work, I would be scared it would be heared. So a butt plug or Ben wa balls are good option. Ben wa balls are bit mainly for training, but they actually do stimulate me a bit and make me slightly horny...

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