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    Ok so I have a few and they all have some good qualities but I'm looking for one with them all, so need some help..

    I want the top of the LexGem Jewelled Beginners Metal 2.5 and the base of the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Small Silicone..

    The Doc Johnson seems to be to small in the reviews and people move on quickly but the LexGem (that I own) is perfect fit but the base/stopper digs into your bum cheeks after some time.



    I'm looking for one to wear for long periods, work, dog walking etc. but I cant get it right, any one use one for long periods that can recommend me please?

    gross alert, Once its in I want to be back to closed up as possible, Not looking to stretch anything or aim to go bigger, just keep a tidy little secrect in all day.


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    Look at the Snug plug range, they are ideal for what your after.

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    Agreed with KG, the snug plug range is perfect but maybe look at the Lovehoney medium plug. It’s super smooth and has an incredible base to stay snug for as long as required. Most bums can handle quite a bit of stretch before any damage is made and you would need to go to extremes with no warm up to have any lasting problems, so try not to worry about stretching too much!

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    Cant believe I've scrolled past these everytime without having a look, thanks :) I should have the beginners one tomorrow.. good job

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